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I find it to be easier to wait until giruvegan It really depends where you are in the game Keep up your buffs and heal is really all you have to do.

You can also beat him down to half health then do a quickening (I beat him at lvl 20 in this way) Zynia

wait till after Pharos, it takes less than three minutes.

Apparently I'm the only one who was crazy enough to get that as my first esper (not counting Belias, as that was plot-driven, not HOSH!T WHAT DID I DO OH GOD I'M GONNA DIE driven)? I was wandering the Zertinan Caverns at low/mid lv20s (Balthier/Fran/Penelo ~25-6, Basch~26; Vaan/Ashe ~23-4), trying to connect the Sandsea & Westersand sides of the map (yes I am OCD like that), aggroed & tried to flee a pair of those lv39 garcichimeras....and I quickly learned the hard way it's a bad idea to run down that hill & explore the sand room when I heard the esper music start up XD. Basically: OH SH!T I'M GONNA DIE *cries liek a little girl* > Quickening > Ether > *cries liek a little girl* > Rinse, Repeat, Try Not to Die.

Now, as for advice, I'd suggest first and foremost keep a level head. Do what damage you can, but when you start getting clobbered, try for the longest quickening chain you can accomplish. Make sure you have either Charge, ethers or some other means of recovering MP (the MP recovery augment licenses help a lot) Don't bother with Belias (assuming you have it) - it's just a waste of MP better spent on a Quickening chain, or worst case healing (best to save MP for quickening it to death & heal with potions instead). If you keep calm and focused, you should be able to handle it - even if in the lower levels like the 20s. -- Kyuuketuki 06:37, September 4, 2011 (UTC)

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