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Depends on the action, and, in some cases, the equipment. In FFVI, for example, with certain weapons (the Illumina, for example) MP may be used up (The Lightbringer gets its automatic critical hits by costing MP each use; the various random-cast spells of the Ragnarok (Flare,) Lightbringer (Holy,) or the three elemental swords (Fire, Blizzard, Thunder) however, do not cost MP as the weapon itself casts them; that was how elemental weapons were achieved back then.) Magic always, always uses up MP, as that is what MP is for. Usually, using "Fight" or special abilities does not; this includes Command abilities in VII (like Steal or Deathblow) most Techniques and Skills (other than those based on magic) in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, and the majority of all other non-magical actions in the series.

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