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Which tale? if your talking about the gathering tale, go to the subterrane if its available

That depends entirely on the tale you are doing.

In Rydia's tale: Go to the second floor of the Agart mine, there should be a healing pot. You can grind on this floor and use the pot to restore your HP/MP. They both level cap at 40.

Palom's tale: The only place I can think of to grind in Palom's tale is the lowest floor of the Lodestone Cavern before you fight Shiva and the Mysterious Girl. Level caps at 40.

Porom's tale: Because Porom's tale only really oncsists of Mysidia and Mt Ordeals, the best place to grind is the summit of Mt Ordeals, where you meet Kain. Level caps at 40.

Yang's tale: You can grind in the meteor cavern. Any floor is good. Level caps at 40

Edge's tale: The best place to grind is in the cave leading to the Tower of Babil (Where you meet Edge in FFIV). Level cap at 40.

Lunarian's tale: The best place to grind is in the Lair of the Father. Most enemies will fall to Golbez' Quake spell (if you haven't learned it, Bio is a good substitute) and some enemies are also susceptible to osmose. Level cap at 50.

Ceodore's/Kain's tale: In Ceodore's tale, the best place to grind is in the Mist Cave. If you want a challenge,enter the cave during a full moon and you may encounter a Thunder Dragon. He's a nasty enemy with Lighting dealing 800 damamge. If you can beat him however, he gives a nice bonus. In Kain's tale, the only place to grind is the first part of the challenge dungeon. The enemies give a nice bonus but you'll still need to be patient. Level cap at 50 on both tales.

Edward's tale: The only place I can think of would be the underground waterway when you only have control of Edward. Level cap at 40.

The final tale: The enitre subterrane is good for grinding. The B5 floor of the depths is also good since all enemies are susceptible to break. No level cap at all.

Hope this helped. JuriSuzukiDissicon ff13 Lig1 21:34, May 1, 2013 (UTC)

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