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First off, you have to get the Feather of the Flock, and get to Balfonheim in the story. Go to Giza Plains, if it’s the rainy season just skip to the next side quest and come back during the dry. You’ll learn that all the cockatrices are gone, so of course it falls to us to get them back. We may as well get the worst one out of the way first, the rest are quick and easy. (This one won’t be bad for you because I’m telling you where everything is). Go to Eruyt Village to find a cockatrice with our old pal Mjrn in Fane of the Path. There is a Dewdrop Pebble next to her, pick it up and give it to her, then talk to her again. She will ask for more, so go fetch them like a good little gamer. They are mostly along the edges of the areas, and are very hard to see, so just look for the “!” to show up, then press X to pick it up. There are two in Fane of the Path, in the big loop. One is in the northern half in the bushes, the other in the southern half next to two talking Viera. There are a total of six in the Spiritwood, the first will be on the right side of the path when you enter the area. There is another one on the stairs, where the rope connects on the left side of the path. In the NW of the area, look near Warder-Chief Rael on a weapon rack. In the circular area, there is a Viera staring at one in the water. Ask her to get it for you. As you head down the little ramp, look for another Pebble. And finally, continue on towards the dead end, looking for the Pebble on the right edge. Take them all back to Mjrn, then talk to the cockatrice to have it drop another Pebble. Hand that one over, and finally get your reward- another Yoichi Bow like we got way back in the White Mousse hunt. Don’t worry, it gets better. Go to Rabanastre’s North End, all the way to the northern edge of the area. Talk to the cockatrice, and the bastard starts running away. You can’t catch him, but once he gets far enough away he slows down. Go to the clan hall and hide behind the pillars until he comes by, then SLOWLY walk out to him and hit X so you catch him before he runs again. Choose “Erm… no” and he will go back to where he started. Tell him that you already helped Chit, and he will give you a Diamond Sword. Montblanc has two Elite Hunts and some rewards, so talk to him before you leave. Now go to Jahara and talk to the Garif Herder, then Shurry the cockatrice. Talk to the Herder again, then the Great Chief. Give the Chief’s gift to the cockatrice, then talk to the herder. You get a Platinum Dagger for your efforts. Next stop is South Bank Village, talk to the cockatrice then Tchigri at the boat. Take Nathyl across to North Bank, come back alone, then take Arryl to North Bank. Once again, go back with No One, then bring the cockatrice. Your reward is a rare Koga Blade. In Archades, talk to the cockatrice in Alley of Low Whispers, but he isn’t our target. Ride the cab to Tsenoble, and go into Grand Arcade. This one will run too, but you can catch it easily. You get a Tumulus out of her. Don’t forget to accept the hunts here. Saving the best for last, go back to Balfonheim and talk to the Chocobo Wrangler. Show him the Feather of the Flock, then talk to the Miffed Moogle. Talk to Gurdy, then the moogle will give you a Defender, then ride off into the sunset. You can go back to Giza to get a minor reward from Terra, but it’s really a waste of time.