Hello, and welcome to Final Fantasy Answers. What question do you have today?

  1. Your question must be relevant to Final Fantasy (it can be a Kingdom Hearts Question if it involves Final Fantasy content, and can contain fan-content, such as 8-bit Theater and the Spoony One.) Any non-Final Fantasy questions will be deleted. If your question is not related to Final Fantasy, you may want to ask it at our parent site.
  2. Make your question family appropriate. Anything relating to racial, sexist, homophobic, or any form of discrimination content will not be tolerated and be deleted followed with a ban on the second offense.
  3. Your question should be answerable. "Where is mission 13?" Well, in which game? Tactics Advance, XIII, or something else...? Furthermore, questions like "Final Fantasy XI!?" don't really make any sense. Due to the recent amount of questions that ignore this rule, unacceptably vague questions will now be deleted if not properly revised.
  4. Don't harass other members.
  5. Don't break the Wikia Terms of Use.
  6. Do not delete answers unless they conflict with the rules, or have the facts wrong.
  7. Expect and avoid spoilers! If you must spoil, please use the {{spoilers}} template.
  8. Do not post in an In Character statement! This is not a roleplay site!
  9. No X vs Y questions, examples include Kefka VS Kuja, Leon VS Tidus ect.
  10. No unnecessary blogs. Blogs may be used for personal topics that do not relate to Final Fantasy or are not in question form. However they must still be relevant - needless blogs that just take up space will be deleted. Consult an administrator if your blog is deleted without consent.

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