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Welcome to the History of Final Fantasy Answers!

Final Fantasy Answers has had a short but difficult history. Beginning in 2010, the site has undergone several changes, numerous Staff members, plenty of redesigns and a lot of bad questions. This page features a brief history from the beginning of the site to the present day.

2010 EraEdit

Final Fantasy Answers was created in 2010 by A Wikia User, a bot tasked with duplicating all questions under the "Final Fantasy" category from our parent site, WikiAnswers. Shortly after creation, the bot was deactivated, leaving the site without any active Staff members and vulnerable to trolls and vandals.

  • MAY 25, 2010: Final Fantasy Answers is created.
  • MAY 25, 2010: A Wikia User is promoted to Bureaucrat.
  • MAY 25, 2010: The site's first question is asked.
  • MAY 26, 2010: First registered user, Xenoveritas, joins Final Fantasy Answers.
  • MAY 26, 2010: Site cleanup begins.
  • MAY 29, 2010: First unregistered user joins Final Fantasy Answers.
  • OCTOBER 6, 2010: Oasis released.

At this point Final Fantasy Answers was still a de-facto affiliate of the Final Fantasy Wiki, through the implementation of a small box on the FFWiki's Oasis sidebar by Wikia. The Staff of the Final Fantasy Wiki were unaware, nor did they consent, to the addition of the link which allowed easy access to Final Fantasy Answers; an opportunity later abused by anonymous trolls to spam the defenceless site.

2011 EraEdit

By the start of 2011, a small community of registered editors had joined Final Fantasy Answers, many with the intention to remove all inappropriate material. Unfortunately, almost all of the contributors had abandoned their efforts by the middle of the year, with the responsibility of the site resting solely on the unregistered community. Many unregistered users took the opportunity to vandalise the site, despite the good intentions of others, until it was completely overwhelmed.

By the end of 2011, Final Fantasy Answers had gained a small vanguard of contributors and the site finally had a Staff presence. Undergoing several aesthetic changes, after many possibilities the community finally settled on the current theme. The three bureaucrats - The Nemesisx, Lockexceles34 and Catuse167 - worked tirelessly to delete all inappropriate questions and ban all persistent trolls over the coming months.
However despite being under control, the site still had a long way to go before getting back in shape. With the addition of new templates, the navigation bar, a live chatroom and the Community Discussion page (originally known as The Triumvirate), the future of Final Fantasy Answers looked bright.

2012 EraEdit

Starting January 2012, Catuse has already started work on an improved font page, which wouldn't come to fruition for many months yet. On top of this, his impressive efforts throughout 2012 meant that nearly all of the lingering bad questions had been purged from the site. However activity was at an all-time low, with only half a dozen dedicated users and oftentimes no questions for weeks on end. Despite the attempt to attract new editors with popular opinion blogs, few stayed, other than a handful of anonymous contributors and occasional passer-bys.

2012 proved a fruitful year in the development of Final Fantasy Answers - while 2011 focused on the removal of unwanted questions and contributors, 2012 was more focused on improving what already existed and even adding new features to the site. The renovation of the home page and the aesthetic design of the Wiki were fully completed mid-year, and in February most of the noticeable vandalism had been removed, allowing the Staff to relax and work on the site at a slower pace.
Meanwhile, many new editors had joined the site, and activity began to pick up speed considerably in the later months to the point of having a strong registered and unregistered community positively contributing to Final Fantasy Answers. New users were promoted to Moderator, and a fourth administrator was elected. By the end of 2012, Final Fantasy Answers was at it's peak, and still moving forward.

2013 EraEdit

Due to the efforts throughout the previous year, by the beginning of 2013, virtually all of the vandalism that had maintained a presence for two years was removed completely from Final Fantasy Answers. The site was in full swing and still maintained it's 100% Answered Questions rate from the previous year. Other smaller Wikis had affiliated with Final Fantasy Answers, including Kingdom Hearts Answers and the NieR Wiki; even Final Fantasy Wiki agreed to leaving an affiliation on a separate page. Early in 2013, crisis was diverted after two unrelated trolling incidents were quickly curbed by the community. In February, the question How to Defeat Bizzaro Sephiroth officially became the largest page on Final Fantasy Answers, with a total size of 27,035 bytes. On the 19th of April, the existing templates from 2011 were upgraded by Emperor Mateus after approval from fellow staff.

  • EARLY 2013: Final Fantasy Answers affiliates with multiple Wikia sites.
  • MARCH 25TH, 2013: Mar1 crisis begins.
  • APRIL 19TH, 2013: Existing templates updated.
  • APRIL 29TH, 2013: Mar1 crisis ends.
  • JUNE 25TH, 2013: Enuo5 joins Final Fantasy Answers.

The Staff and community began work on expanding upon pages under 300 bytes in order to match Wikia Spotlight criteria. The beliefe was that once the goal was reached, Final Fantasy Answers would have expected a noticeable increase in visitors per day, and more activity as a result. However work on the project was abandoned near completion. Regardless, visitors to the site were steady and so were the questions.

2014 EraEdit

2014 saw radical changes to Final Fantasy Answers. Moderator Timelinesplitter officially went inactive from January 27th, 2014. Administrator Emperor Mateus left a month later on February 27th, 2014. Soon after, on April 10th 2014, head bureaucrats The Nemesisx and Catuse167 both went officially inactive. To fill the large power gap that was created with the mass exodus of veteran staff members, long-standing editor JuriSuzuki was elected head bureaucrat in an off-site mutual agreement by sysops.

  • JANUARY 27TH, 2014: Timelinesplitter officially becomes inactive.
  • FEBRUARY 27TH, 2014: Emperor Mateus officially becomes inactive.
  • APRIL 10TH, 2014: The Nemesisx officially becomes inactive.
  • APRIL 10TH, 2014: Catuse167 officially becomes inactive.
  • APRIL 10TH, 2014: JuriSuzuki promoted to head bureaucrat, in charge of Final Fantasy Answers.

As of April 10th, 2014, the chapter on the old Final Fantasy Answers had officially closed. The original quartet of users who had led the renovation in early 2011 were now all gone, save for the rarely active Lockexceles34. The site was under new management with a new generation of users. And so as I write this, it feels appropriate that we end the history of Final Fantasy Answers here. What happens beyond this point in time in undeniably a fresh leaf, but wherever the site goes from here is none of my concern.
Emperor Mateus, April 10th, 2014.

2015 and BeyondEdit

This entry has been made on 9 April, 2015, a day shy of one year since the last update. I, Primarch Dysley, have taken over Mateus' duty of recording this site's history. Entries will likely no longer record specific dates, as recent history has been muddled and blurred.

The end of the last year and this year thus far have been devastating for Final Fantasy Answers. The so called "Mar Crisis" never came to an end. As it turned out, Emperor Mateus, the very user who helped make this site what it is, was also another Mar, having been here since the beginning prior to the reformation. Deciding to team up with the real Mar, he went on a crusade to have the site taken down, though the staff would not have it. With Mateus having given up and no activity from Mar in months, it seems that Final Fantasy Answers is at last through this long battle.

However, it did not go through unwounded. Questions have slowed down to a trickle, and it seems that I am now the only remaining active user. I will seek ways for this wiki to find the attention it deserves. I will not let it fall back to where it once was.
Primarch Dysley April 9th, 2015.

This entry has been made on 16 May, 2015. As a result of further exacerbated site conditions, I've been promoted to head bureaucrat as per necessity,

Once again, I was wrong about Mateus - just last night, he struck again, creating a dozen or so troll questions which had to be deleted. He accuses me of being longtime enemy of the wiki, Mar, but these accusations are absurd. I am doing my best to keep this place going.

I will fulfill my obligation of bringing more attention to this place promptly. To put it in rather poetic terms, it's as if I hold life in one palm and death in the other - it is my responsibility.
Primarch Dysley May 16, 2015.

The Last ChapterEdit

This entry has been made on 19 May, 2015. I highly doubt anyone will ever see this, but being the sentimental person I am, I feel the need to chronicle the last days of this wiki's independence.

This place can't stay alive on its own. I refuse to allow it to be completely destroyed and taken back to its former state as users such as Mateus or Mar want. As a result, I've come to an agreement with the main Final Fantasy Wiki that we are to be merged. This wiki will no longer be an independent entity of its own, but we'll have a lot to offer the main wiki as an addition to the rail.

I've made a lot of good memories on here and better yet, I've made some friends. I'll miss running this place, but it matters more to me that it be properly kept alive and incorporated into the main wiki. I don't want it to die off.

Not to be redundant, but.... it's been fun. I still remember a few specific moments, some humourous, some annoying, some downright disturbing, but many enjoyable. Remember that time Mateus photoshopped a smoking pimp Lightning? Or that time Bizarro Sephiroth became the star of the wiki? Maybe that one time some anon (Mar, likely) imitated everyone here? Amazing how time passes. Wonder what will happen when people type in "Squall is Dead" into Google now.

In six days, this website turns five years old. A shame we had to miss that milestone by merre days, but business is business; the sooner this place is merged, the better.

And with that, my work here, after almost 3 long years, is done. Being the final entry in this site's odd history, I bid you all a good day. Stay curious, Final Fantasy fans.
 Primarch Dysley FFXIII - Sprite-Dysley 19:16, May 19, 2015 (UTC)

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