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Final fantasy how to get yuna's celestial weapon?

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First, go back to Besaid Island and swim off of the beach. Now, go onto small patch of land with a treasure chest on it in the back. After this, head back to save sphere and then teleport back to airship and then go back to the Calm Lands. Now, follow the same route to Remiem Temple, but this time, you are to go inside of it. Go and fight all of the aeons Belgemine has (you've to get all of them as well). She will then give up the Moon Sigil.Obtain the actual weapon by capturing one of every Calm Lands fiend then returning them to the Monster Arena owner. He will then give a treasure chest to open. Open it,oh the Nirvana!!Full HP more Damage!Is the easiest celestial weapon. Can you tell me how can i kill Penance?Fililost

Easiest way to kill penance, yojimbo. Pay him a huge amount of kill, as in millions, with full overdrive and hope for the best. If failed, then repeat. If going the old fashioned way take out the arms first, and you must be maxed EVERYTHING!!!

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