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  • First, save up 500 PP, then go to the PP Catalog and unlock playing as Ultimecia if you haven't yet done so.
  • Play some Quick Battles against the foe of your choosing. Set the battle up as you wish, but if you're desperate for levels, do the following:
  1. Set the AI bot to whatever level you like, but it's best to have the AI between half and three-quarters of your level or thereabouts; this ensures that the AI can take enough damage to make the EXP gain worth your while, but also ensures you'll win (unless you're unlucky or just plain suck at playing Dissidia)
  2. Try to finish the battle with an EX Burst: this means you'll get an EXP bonus.
  3. Keep up the Bravery attacks and leave their HP alone. This works best with Sephiroth in my experience, but it works for everyone. The higher your Bravery when you smack them with the EX burst, the more damage you do. And while you don't get EXP for damage over the opponent's max HP, you do still increase the bonus from the EX Burst.
  4. Try equipping accessories like Chocobo Down that increase your EXP gain.
  5. And check before battle the status of your play-plan. While you can't (directly) do anything about it, you can make sure to do all these when you're getting double EXP from a battle, and gain a bunch of levels at once.
  • Every time you clear the arcade mode on easy/normal difficulty, you earn a "chocobo cologne"; go to the shop and trade this item for an instant lvl up (much like a rare candy + some money). It's on the last right tab. Make sure you have opened the menu of the character you want to lvl up.

You can also try the following, though it takes away the fun of learning how to use the characters (It actually adds to the above):

  • Buy as many calendar exp bonus (those that increase exp, not their frequency on the calendar)as you can. Also make sure you have Ex Death (his cpu is plain stupid)and more importantly, buy as much CPU lvl cap as you can afford (+100 is the ideal). All of this can be bought on the PP catalog.
  • If you're not in a bonus day (and don't want to wait), exit the game and change the PSP date to the day of the week you selected for bonus day. Then, start Dissidia again.
  • Equip chocobo feather, chocobo wing and chocobo down (all of them if possible, they're obtainable through the different player plans).
  • Equip you character with the Magic Pot (manual) summon, this one can be acquired on Cloud's oddisey when you clear it for the 2nd time.
  • When the chocobo calendar hits a x5 exp multiplier, enter a quick battle with a lv 100 Ex Death, preferably on maximum difficulty (not that difficult actually). Choose a stage you feel comfortable with.
  • As indicated above, you'll get a higher bonus if you kill your opponent with 1 hp hit and an EX burst, so instead of fighting for the bravery, try to get broken (but not killed) until your opponent has 9999 bravery and WAIT until your bravery recovers from break. After that, use Magic Pot and then look for a chance to launch your Ex-burst (ex-blocking is not quite suitable for this). If you meet all the conditions specified above, your character should jump from lv 1 to 100 in just ONE freaking battle. If you get killed in the process, exit the game IMMEDIATELY so it doesn't save and the x5 multiplier is not lost, then try again. If you don't meet all the requirements, you still can gain a lot of exp depending on the multipliers and the chocobo items equipped. Just be aware that the chocobo feather (+100% exp) has 100% chance of being destroyed after the battle, so take that into account if you want to train multiple characters this way.

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