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Inside the shrine, look for the Pedestal of the Dawn in front of the giant statue. To activate it, equip the Dawn Shard as an accessory on your party leader. The Pedestal will teleport you to the next zone. Continue along the path until you reach another Pedestal of the Dawn. Go back to the Dragon Aevis room and take the newly revealed stairs into the next zone to find a green save crystal. In the Ward of the Sword King, just past the Dark Mare is the giant sword that the giant statue is holding. Touch the sword to open up the next area. Straight across from the giant sword, the doors have unlocked to reveal a way stone, take it back to the beginning of the Shrine to find that the doors on the right side of this area have been unlocked. Take the newly opened door through the next zone to Walk of Prescience. The right path will lead to a statue, rotate it twice in either direction, then continue on. (All the statues need to be turned toward the center of the Shrine). In the Walk of Reason, pass through the square room with Ancient Doors on either end, and into the next section. Go north at the first intersection, then follow the path around till it turns south. Take the first left you see, then head south. The path will turn east, the statue will be right in front of you. Two twists either way will again turn it toward Cold Distance, continue east then north to the exit. In the next zone, take the path to the right and follow it to the boss. After the boss battle, go through the Ancient Door and rotate that last statue two times just like the rest. Go back to Ward of Measure and take the way stone at the back, from there it’s a straight shot past where the giant sword was, to the Hall of Worth. Fight the Esper and the area is complete.

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