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Blackened Fragment The player must clear Wraith, White Mousse, and Orthros hunts and receive the Blackened Fragment as reward for Orthros hunt.

Dull Fragment

After obtaining the Sluice Gate Key (reward from White Mousse hunt mission), the player returns to Garamsythe Waterway. In the control section, turn off all Sluice Gate Switches (that means lights off) and follow the steps below: Dull Fragment on the floor.

-On No.11 Area Panel (that means light up the panel)

-On No.4 Area Panel

-Off No.11 Area Panel

-On No.3 Area Panel

-Off No.4 Area Panel

After the last gate is closed a little click is heard, like a coin hitting the ground. South in the SAME semi-circle area, on the ground, there is a glittering object, Dull Fragment.

Grimy Fragment

Player must return to Rabanastre Lowtown. Go to Old Dalan's place and speak to the Nu Mou known as Roh'Kenmou. Then go and talk to Filo who is around the South East area of Lowtown. In Rabanastre's central section, Southern Plaza, there is a "Curious Woman" looking at the Fountain. After talking to the "Curious Woman" go to the Muthru Bazaar and speak to all the merchants about the necklace to get the information. Head to the Magick Shop and speak to the "Sotted Imperial", the only soldier sitting in the left corner, and choose the FIRST option twice. Back to Lowtown, and talk to Filo again, choose "Let's Go" with Filo for some events to get the last fragment, Grimy Fragment.

Before leaving, go back to Old Dalan's place and speak to Roh'Kenmou. Choose to give all the Fragments you have collected and he will disappear. [edit] Second Medal

Travel to Archades, and within the Magick Shop (Archades) talk to Roh'Kenmu. Head to the Old Archades, talk to Otto at the corner for the Moonsilver Medallion. Return to Archades, and pass the Moonsilver Medallion to Roh'Kenmu at the Magick Shop.

Final Medal

After giving the first two medallions to the Nu Mous, travel to Nabreus Deadlands and talk to Ma'Kleou. Head northwest and search for a hidden path. One can find it by going south from the Gate Crystal, following the section, search the North-West area for the path. If you've already fought Roblon, it's there. At the end of the path there is a monument with the Nu Mous, and the player gets the Medallion of Bravery, Medallion of Love, and the Lusterless Medallion.

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