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You must complete the side quest "Patient in the Desert". First accept the hunt for the flowering cactoid. Complete the hunt. After you go back to Dantro he will ask you to take the flower to his wife, who is taking care of a sick person. So take the flower and go to the south bank village. Once there go find dantro's wife (located right by a house.) Once you find her give her the flower. After that leave the village and go straight back in. Once your back in go to Tchigirl and talk to her. You will then be taken to the North Bank Village. There will be a cutscene involving the mother cactoid looking for a cactoid with a flower on his head, named Dran. Realizing that you killed the cactoid you back to the village to ask dantro's wife what happened to the flower. She tells you that she threw it out back. Go to th back of the house to get the flower, it will be marked as "Dran?". The flower will then bloom into a cactoid. Now go back to the boat and sail back. There will be another cutscene and the cactoids will leave. You will now obtain a Wyrmfire Shot from Dran as a gift. Go back to the village and go to Dantro's wife and she will tell you she needs Semclam Shells. So go to the coastline and collect a many as you can (they are referenced as little lens flares). After that she will ask for Medicine from Dantro. Go back to the Outpost and ask Dantro for some medicine. He will tell you that some is by the boxes. Go get some and return to the wife. Yet again she needs your help. She need some Valeblossom Dew. Ask Tchigiri for a ride than prosede through the village to go back into the Estersand. Once there go to the "Broken Sands". Now you have to be careful because there are some Wild Saurian's. After you get to the broken sands look around for some tree like things. Look for little lens flares and get them. After you have cleared the place of them go back to the wife. Once there she will ask you for great serpent skin. Give it to her. Speak to the wife again and go around the house and speak to the traveler. He/She will give you some items and the Barheim Key!

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