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To kill Midgar Zolom in disk 1 and learn the Beta Enemy Skill :

All 3 characters must have Carbon Bandle, to the one with the highest HP and Spirit give Talisman Access., Elemental-Fire in Armor, Enemy Skill and Steal(for high speed), nothing else.

To the second, with the highest Magic, give Poison and Choco-Mog. The last one MUST have Restore Materia.

All characters must be in Back Row, Limit Breaks UP, and in Sadness status ( give them Tranquilizers )...reduces the damage taken. When the battle starts ( save before ) use Graviballs ( Demi ) , then the Limit Break, the Choco-Mog and last when Zolom HP is under 2000 use Bio. Heal yourself and wait...until Zolom HP falls 200...attack and it will counter with Beta and die due to poison damage. It's not easy.

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