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you have to kill him three times. firstly you must fight him on top of the tower, here he is a bit of a push over. he only has two powerful attacks the first is that he will fire a horizontal laser across the feild, this will hurt, poison and curse you. seconly when he is almost dead he will throw his cape at you, this rea;y huts and styuns you so that he can do his laser atach on you and likely kill you, so run to a corner when he does this. he can also become invinceable for about 5 seconds whgen he will scratch at you.

once galdes 1 falls some how he will change the whole world, you have to gather all your comanions again, fight through the whole dungeon again, live through a unending sopy sceane about love and freindship and then fight great galdes.

this is the hard boss, so prepare well, your level should be about lv 45ish and you should at least have 50 cure pockets. you should have a light sword, and the paladin amor and helm. you must kill bombs and crystalsto get to him, but thats the easy bit. he now looks like giant chess peice and canot move. h has four crystals whic cast spells that can feeze stun or burn you. kill three of them as he isntantly spawns mor if all four fall. galdes himself has a high defence, but the spikes do not so dont get exited when you deal 100 odd damage, yoarnt hurtin him. he csts meteorga and a ultima like spell which you cnot steal. eventualy the mouth in his chest will open, drop every thing and atack the crystal in his moutfor supr high damage. when he dies he smashes the plat form and cn now move. the fight is the same except he has no crystals and 1 new atack. this is used when hius crystal is on show and it is a masive laser that deals abou 500 damage to all it hits. when he dies you must raise all charectors quickly and cast four magic rings on the moving circles to kil galdes for sur, i yu are to slow you must fight him from form again. after three faled atmpts a moogle will explai this to you as well.

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