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Difficulty: 5/10 Recommended Level: 30

The First Fight (Ex-Death's Castle):

- This fight is relatively simple. All you need to do is cast Carbuncle on your party midway through the fight. Do not summon it at the beginning. Summon only 'Golem'.

Then after that, start using your physical attackers on him. (If you have Excalipur equipped, then you are royally screwed. It does absolutely no damage.) This will provide your mages the time to heal your party.

Once he starts to use magic, instead of physical attacks, start summoning again. Cast Carbuncle on your party. This beast will cast reflect on everybody in your party. Ex-Death, oblivious to your strategy, will keep sending magic your way. This is where he starts to crumble.

See? Reflect causes nearly any source of magic (except for time) to strike its wielder. This means that his spells will simply bounce off of you, and cause a mirror affect.


Difficulty: 6/10 Recommended Party: Mimes Recommended Level: 43-45

Second Fight (The Void):

(NOTE: Conserve a fraction of your MP for your last sparring with the fiend.)

Start the battle of by casting Hastega and Golem on your party. Then have two of your strongest characters inflict damage on him. When you gain control of one of your other mimes (the one that should have Redx2 and !Time Magic equipped) start casting Meteox2 on his ass!

Have your next character mime that. Continue this process until you get into the next stage of the battle.


Neo Ex-Death

Difficulty: 9/10

Re-cast Golem and Hastega. (This will allow time to dodge his Grand Cross ability.) If any of your party members are injured or paralyzed then I suggest that you heal them before trying any offense.

Once they're taken care of, use the ability !$toss on the boss, and have the rest of your party mime that. Continue this process until another member gets injured. When that happens, just heal him/her and start the process over again.

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