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Mission 9-6-6. Have Vitality 255, Spirit 255 ( because Minerva's Ultima cannot exceed 64583 damage ), Luck 155+ ( Minerva's attack cannot do double damage ). Equip , Genji Shield ( absorbs all elemental attack and blocks all bad status effects), Gengi Glove (break damage limit and 100% critical hits ), Genji Armor ( Break HP limit, Auto-endurance, Auto-regen ), Genji Helm ( 0 MP/Ap , and Auto-libra ). Fuse Materia to boost your stats at MAX.Materia : Curaga, Costly Punch is the key, Mug or Steal ( so you can steal 99 Phoenix Downs , you will need many ), SP Master Materia ( have over 10.000.000 SP ). Have Re-Raise when you enter the battle ( Judgement Arrow attack negates all status effects -except Invincibility- and re-raise, but you have 99 phoenix to use ). Good Luck, I've done it, you can do it also.