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Take the way stone into the Water Steps. You will have to deactivate some gates in order to pass through this area, the first gate stone is directly to the south. Move through it and continue south to a dead end with the next gate stone guarded by two Mithril Golems. Retrace your steps until you have the chance to go west, then head west or south at every opportunity. You should come to a dead end with more Mithril Golems, it you come to one with Malboros you went too far north. Past the Mithril Golems is a path that doesn’t become visible until you step on it, take a leap of faith over the edge to get to the next zone. There is only one way to go here, other paths are blocked by gates. Go around a full lap and open up all three, the last is back near the first one. Then head to the area that was blocked by the last gate, and walk over the cliff past the Golems again. The Gate of Fire will have no enemies until the boss has been defeated, so just go up the stairs to your left and look for a small section of the short wall that is missing. Step out into the void to make the path appear. It took me forever to find this path the first time I played this game. Take the way stone into the great crystal. You start at way stone VIII, the goal this time is I. Facing the gate, take the path to the left to move on. There are no choices to make, the way to VII is straight ahead. From VI, take either open path to the gate stone and deactivate it. Now go back to VI and take the path that was blocked by the gate to way stone V. From IV, either way you choose leads to a gate stone. Find the gate that opened and go through it to III. I think you can find your way from II to I, and that takes you to the Gate.

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