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He is stronger in the game Dissidia. And cloud has strongest limit break as Tidus being the 2nd strongest. Squall comes soon after. (probably below sephiroth)

Anyway Cloud is strongest character in dissida (although ofcourse they are all around equal)

Anyway also Cloud is more popular and has the CGI film which boost him up.

But Tidus is by no means weak. In each perspective game then Tidus because he can do 99,999 damage. but ofcourse thats only in-game mechanic and not part of the story of which cloud is superior of the two.

In terms of battle strength, no. They're equal in a fight. But storylinewise, think of outside of battle, casual displays of stergth, not SOLDIER enhancements. Cloud does a one-armed pull-up with Tifa holding on to him. Tidus gets tired from running up stairs and a boss fight, and gets tired from running from Sin. Then again, that was the start of the game.

physically of course cloud would win. i mean he can twirl that sword like a batton. but overrall i would say they are both powerfull in their own ways.

I think people are forgetting it's the strength of your heart that wins battles. :3 Or, "My friends are my power!". Not just brute strength.

Also, don't make this a flame war, guys. Keep it civil. Just sayin'. TidusTehSacrificer357 11:39, April 13, 2012 (UTC)

Nobody can know, because they never fought each other. I'm trying to avoid to look at the other answers right now, I remmember back in the old days of this site, people get surprisingly idiotic at this kind of question.

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