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It is not necessarily incorrect, but it isn't right either.

Final Fantasy VIII's "planet" has already developed the technology to be able to travel to Space, which is obviously a very big leap. However, Final Fantasy XIII has seen more of a technological advancement. The leap of space-travel was not made simply because it is not relevant.

By architecture, technology and society in and of itself, "Cocoon" is the most advanced planet in the entire series.

^ Yes, Cocoon had full availability of resources and protection that allowed it to develop into a highly advanced and capitalist world.

Other than that, you could always consider the "Dream Zanarkand", but alas the storylines throughout X and X-2 never truly delve very deep into that aspect and thus never show you where the limits of Zanarkand's technological advancements were prior to Sin's advent.

I hope you found that informative~!


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Esthar is probably the most advancet one even for ff8

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