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001) sigh... this again? i can't even imagine how stupid you have to be to even consider this. no. {C 001) No,that's just fan speculation that holds no solid facts

002) ^Yes, it has some good facts, and there is no prove that she isn't, so no "no".

003) ^There aren't any proofs of her not being Quistis either. Can we say that Ultimecia is Quistis?

004) ^ Quistis is not a witch, Rinoa is. They say witches can live longer than normal humans, therefore the posibilities of Rinoa being Ultimecia is higher and Quistis posibilities are null and void, Rinoa 1 - Quistis 0. They look a bit alike, both are the only witches that have wings, Rinoa 2 - Quistis 0. Quistis has no purpose to become evil, Rinoa as she saw her friends and especially her lover aging and eventually die she could have grown feelings of hatred, solitude and despair to finally become an evil witch, Rinoa 3 - Quistis 0. Need i say more?

005) ^1-Witches don't born as witches. 2-All female characters in FF8 are kinda look alike 3-Since there's no way you can say that Quistis does't become a witch (point 1) in future, you cannot say that she isn't the one who lived longer.

006) ^ 1 True but even though is not mentioned in the game that Quistis have witch powers, the only way to become a witch is if a witch transfers her powers to a girl, Ultimecia transfered her powers to Edea, Adel and Edea transfered her powers to Rinoa so the only witch alive is Rinoa, the point remains. 2 HAHAHAHA no, Rinoa looks more asian and Quistis looks more like a hot geeky western girl and again, only Rinoa and Ulty have wings, the point stands. 3 Its not stated in the game that Quistis is a witch or she becomes one, you're adding something in the story that it isn't there, Rinoa has all the requirements to probably be Ultimecia.

007) ^There is no proof that Quistis doesn't have the ability to become a witch, just as there are no proofs that Rinoa isn't Ultimecia. And I don't really see any FF character asian-looking (except Yang). However, I hope you understood I wasn't saying that Quistis is Ulty, I was just applying the "flying spaghetti monster theory" to this case. My opinion is that Ulty is a sorceress from a FAR future.

008) ^ Any girl/woman can become a witch if a witch desires to transfer her powers, you just don't gain it at random and by the end of VIII Rinoa is the last witch from the world, just to point out that im not a fully believer of this theory, just proving that Rinoa's probabilities are higher than Quistis but not afirming that the theory is completely true aaand yeap, guess you got a point there about the lapse of time between the present and future.

009) I think that Ellone is Ultimecia. She already has time powers when the game begins, and they might expand later. It may be strange, but to me has more plausibility.

010) ^ If Ellone was Ultimecia then she wouldn't had to sent her conscience to the past looking for... herself to compress time. As the guy below said, she sent her conscience to the past using Dr.Odine's creation, the Ellone junction machine, it wasn't AS good as Ellone powers so she had to search for the real Ellone in the past.

011) ^^Actually, she uses a machine that imitates Ellione's ability of sending people's consciousness in the past.

012) In my interpretation, YES.

013) ^I agree with that.


014) No. The Ultimania contradicts this statement (of Rinoa being Ultimecia) by basically saying that sorceresses/witches have the lifespan of normal humans in FF8 as well as stating that Ultimecia exists many generations in the future. So, Rinoa cannot be Ultimecia.

015) ^pwned 001, 002, 003, 004, 005?, 006, 008?, 009, 012, 013. Only 001, 007, 010, 011, and 014 made since here...

^Err... Could you explai better? I didn't get which answers have been pwned an which not... :/

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