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Complete the Orthros hunt for the Blackened Fragment. Go to the Garamsythe Waterway and turn off all Sluice Gate Switches (light off), then activate them in the correct order. 11, 4, 11, 3, 4. The Dull Fragment will appear in the south of the Central Waterway Control zone. Go to Old Dalan's place and talk to Roh'Kenmou. Then go and talk to Filo who is around the South East area of Lowtown. In Rabanastre's central section, Southern Plaza, talk to the "Curious Woman" near the fountain, then go to the Muthru Bazaar and speak to all the merchants about the necklace to get the information. Head to the Magick Shop and speak to the "Sotted Imperial", and choose the FIRST option twice. Back to Lowtown, and talk to Filo again, choose "Let's Go" to get the last fragment, Grimy Fragment. Go back to Old Dalan's place and speak to Roh'Kenmou. Choose to give all the Fragments you have collected and he will disappear. Travel to Archades, and talk to Roh'Kenmu in Charlotte's Magicks. Head to the Old Archades and talk to Otto for the Moonsilver Medallion. Give it to Roh'Kenmu at the Magick Shop. Go to Nabreus Deadlands and talk to Ma'Kleou near the Salikawood entrance. Go to the Overlooking Eternity zone (where Roblon is fought) to get all 3 medallions.

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