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I just have to vent a bit here.
So I've been playing FFXIV again after a short hiatus due to work restricting the amount of free time I had. It's been fun and all; trying to get through the story because the 2.0 patch being released in a week is going to raise the level cap and continue the main quest line. I'm at level 41 at the moment, and in order to continue the story I need to complete a dungeon called "The Stone Vigil".

Here's the thing with FFXIV. Dungeons take place in a separate, isolated area detached from the rest of the world. And in order to enter a dungeon you have to enter the "Duty Finder" - because in order to start the dungeon you need a party of two warriors, one healer and one tank (a tank is a strong player who deals the most damage and takes the most damage). So the Duty Finder pairs you up with other players who are willing to get into the dungeon and then the four of you fight your way through until the end. Sometimes it requires you to wait for a while until there are enough people who want to enter the dungeon, but it's not so bad because you can do other stuff around the game while you wait.

So I need to do this dungeon to continue the story, and I need three other players to help me. First time I waited half an hour to get into the dungeon. It was going smoothly other than a highly-strung healer who seemed to take the game a bit too seriously. Until we got up to the first boss of the dungeon, that is. Now I should mention that even if you die in the dungeon you just re-spawn from a checkpoint and keep going. But at the first boss, although we made a good effort, the tank was defeated. Any normal person would shrug it off and try again, but no, the tank decided to rage-quit and we were unable to continue the quest without him.

So we all had to leave and wait back in line to enter the dungeon. I got back in after about another half-hour or so of waiting with a pretty good team, save for the tank who seemed to struggle through it. Again we reached the first boss, couldn't beat it, and the what do you know - the tank quit the party. So third time lucky, right? We waited for a bit and a different tank joined the party. This time things went great - beat the first boss, made it to the second, and there are only three bosses in the dungeon.

Except we didn't beat the second boss. We got really close, but alas we didn't make it. Now there's a checkpoint literally right before the boss so if we died we could just retry the battle. But no, the tank didn't like the fact that he died and he quit. Then the other two party members quit without even a single word, leaving me alone in the dungeon with two strong bosses to fight. So I quit too. And now I'm standing around in Coerthas waiting to get into the fucking dungeon for a fourth time so that I can actually continue the fucking story without other players rage-quitting when they die.

I love Final Fantasy XIV but honestly other players can be major assholes. If you join a party and the ditch them halfway through a storyline quest because your character died, then you're a selfish jerk.

That is all.

So after another wait, I finally got in and we made it through to the final boss of the dungeon. Except just before the boss there was a long storyline cutscene which I watched while the other players skipped. By the time I got out of the cutscene they'd all left me behind to fight the boss, and the room they were in was sealed off with me on the other side. Even though they won and it still counted as me completing the dungeon, it was kind of disappointing that they couldn't have waited a few minutes so that I could fight the boss too.

If there's one thing I've noticed it's that players have zero tolerance for people who want to watch the cutscenes - there was one time where the healer raged at me for watching an important storyline cutscene because he didn't want to have to wait for me. Although now I've moved on and am enjoying the game again I dread the next time I have to be saddled with grouchy, impatient players. Unfortunately I'm drawing near to the end of the game and I know for a fact that the final dungeon and bosses are all party-based...

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