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Here is my 1750 word fan fiction's interlude. I still plan on revising it. (Note:There are a lot of differences between this story and the game already.)

Final Fantasy


It was winter in Onlak. The trees and houses were drenched in the snow that plagued the paths of cobblestone in the small town. Few people were on the streets at all. This time was the worst for my kind. Thieves that is. I was part of a small group of individuals that targeted Onlak for a profit. After a heist we would sell our findings at a caravan to the north-west. In the winter however, we could be caught easily and the penalty for stealing was death. Most of us and myself got a job to pay though the winter to be without risk of impending doom. The people called us annual immigrants due to us coming once a year to their knowing.

 I lived in a small tenement located on the second floor of the weapon shop. It included a straw bed, an oven, a coal stove, and a miniature table to eat on. The rent was 350 Gil a month. My job left me with 50 extra Gil to spare for coal, food, and the occasional new furniture item. I worked as a hunter for Salvis, the owner of the weapon shop. I would go out every day and would receive payment based off of what I had slain that day.

Today was a good day on my part. I had hunted down a nice deer with antlers with 16 pointed ends. The shopkeeper apparently makes swords of this antler material. Due to my find, I received a temporary rent decrease of fifty dollars. Today is looking up for me.

I went to the pub to treat myself for my find. “Oy! Felix!” said the pub owner, Mapuc. He and I were good friends. He would commonly harbor my thief troupe when we were being tracked. “Hello Mapuc.” My voice was dull and unenthusiastic despite my day. Perhaps the cold outside made me suddenly tired. “I heard of your feat you made today. How was it?” Mapuc was balding, obese, had a large beard, and wore peasant-class clothing. “It was quite exiting. It’s nice to get some appreciation from Salvis every now and then. Especially when it involves more Gil to be earned in the long run.” He chuckled. The room was dully lit by candles positioned around the pub. The bar stools were made of rubber on a wooden stand and the majority of the remainder of the pub was made entirely of wood, with the exception of the partially cloth-made billiards table and the ivory balls it used.

I sat down. “So how about you get me a glass of wine.” I was now much more uplifting than when I entered. He filled up a small glass and set it on the bar. “This one’s free. Take it as a gift for being the first person I know to ever make Salvis smile.” He said. “Three cheers for Felix!” The crowd in the bar shouted my name three times. It was now dusk. I bade my bar acquaintances ado and walked through the Sunset-lit Onlak streets. A poster caught my eye on the side of the magic shop. It read:                                                                                                                                                             


The world lies on a brink of destruction.

The Warriors of Light will be decided.

Calling all skillful individuals to the

Kingdom of Cornelia for a competition

To decide the men who will save the

planet from this cataclysmic terror.

When: January 21.

I couldn’t help being tempted to enlist in the contest. Though I feared it would be a bout. After all, I was terrible in combat without the use of a sword or bow. I disregarded the poster and proceeded toward the weapon shop. I couldn’t help wondering what this “cataclysmic terror” was and how it posed a threat.

I entered the shop and stared at the falchion labeled “brave blade” and hoped one day I’d be able to purchase it. The price tag read 1000 Gil, a severely high price for my wages. “Night Salvis.” I said upon passing him. “Good night” He replied. He was reading a book entitled “The Legend of the Four Fiends”. He had always had a fascination in mythology. “Four Fiends” sounded fairly idiotic even for lies. I proceeded up the stairs and entered my room. The absence of a door further evided toward my poverty. I lied down on the straw mattress and pulled up an old quilt for heat. I dozed off quite fast.

 I had quite the dream. I was among three other people. We were fighting this… demon or something. It was complete with large horns and four arms. Some magician of sorts with a dark ominous aura around his face, with glowing eyes of the four of us yelled “End this!” and used some variant of fire magic on my sword, enchanting it. I plunged the sword into the heart of the beast.

 Then I woke up. I couldn’t help thinking, perhaps I was meant to be a hero. I had scratched my head and knew it was just a trick my mind was using to try to persuade me toward the competition. I got up and prepared some fried eggs in my small coal powered oven. After a nice breakfast, I went down to borrow one of Salvis’ daggers. After signing out one, I left for my usual hunting spot. It was a little bit to the north of Onlak. There, I had a small cabin I’d stay at on a long hunt. It was a luxury compared to my tenement. It had nice stained wood furniture, a collection of books to occupy my time. There I also had my own collection of stone weaponry in case of emergency. I was with a few others hiking north. All of which were thieving allies of mine and workers for Salvis. We hit an intersection in the trail and I parted ways with them. My cabin was only a short distance from the intersection. I heard something behind me. “Is that him?” it said. “Certainly, that’s Felix Suedama II, the one up ahead.” That voice I recognized. It was Mapuc. “Hello?” I turned around. A knight with a Cornelian signet was alongside Mapuc. I assumed I was to be arrested. “You betrayed me?” I had an angry tone. “Not at all. This is a reward. You’re going to join this man and go to Cornelia!” He was obviously happy though I could barely make out his face in the snow flurries that surrounded me. “For the competition?” I anticipated his reply. “Yes. We received a suggestion letter from this man stating that you met all the qualifications for the contest. Now then, come with me. A Cornelian vessel is here to escort you to my continent. Do you accept?” The knight had said. He had a royal dialect. “I’d be delighted.” And I joined him and Mapuc, now retracing my previous walk. It was nice knowing a vessel was here just to escort me to the most powerful kingdom in the entire world. “So tell me sir knight, what is your name?” I had a sarcastic royal tone. He laughed at my impression. “My name is Garland, captain of the knights of Cornelia. I hope to see you win this competition. You have quite the sense of humor.” He extended his hand and I shook it with a firm grip. “Are you going to enter as well?” I said, trying to interpret his last sentence. “Yes, and I hope to see you alongside the winners, perhaps with my own appearance there as well.” I nodded.

We had made it to a forest, and now I could clearly see Garland. He was helmetless. He had grey hair to his shoulders despite looking as though he was in his early thirties. He had a light goatee and a scar on this forehead that looked like it was formed via sword. He wore a dark grey armor suit and had aquamarines along the arm sections and on his belt next to his scabbard. He donned a dark purple cape and housed a scimitar in his scabbard. His helmet was most likely onboard the ship he had mentioned priorly.

 “So you command ALL of the knights of Cornelia?” I said to break the silence. “Yes, I’ve been a knight since the age of fifteen, when I defeated my master with ease.” He replied while still staring ahead. “So… do you have an apprentice?” I had quite a few questions more to ask if I could. “I do. He is a young squire by the name of Miles. He still has much learning to do however. Even at the age of twenty-three. How old are you?” He turned toward me upon asking his question. “Nineteen.” I returned my answer. “And how skilled do you think you are in combat?” “Very. I was self-trained when I fled my home in Gaia.” My tempo decreased throughout the sentence, reflecting on my past decision. “Power and technique are required to excel in combat. Do you have both?” I assumed these questions were to make sure I wasn’t a fraud. “Not so much power, but I have honed my technique and I am fantastically fleet-footed.” I had regained my enthusiasm. “A fair exchange.” He said slowly. Perhaps inferring what my combat style was. We concluded our conversation.

Eventually, we had reached the port. Salvis was there to wish me luck, along with my former thief troupe and the bar-goers. I handed him his daggers. “Take this… for luck.” I could tell he was a bit hesitant to allow his best employee to leave. He handed me the falchion of my dreams. It was not the brave blade, but still quite the weapon. I dubbed it “Foreword” for it signified the beginning of my adventure. It had a steel blade, infused with a little of bronze and pure iron. Along with wool lining on its handle, as it was probably an imported sword.

Garland motioned toward me and yelled, “It’s time to leave! All aboard!” A few crew members came from the town. I followed them onto the deck. As the ship unanchored, I yelled one last “Good bye!” before we truly exited the port. I stayed on deck with the rest of the crew. I observed their abilities of readying the ship for true departure. Raising the sails, setting up storm defensive rails, and loading up all they had bought from Onlak.

Feel free to review and suggest things I should add.

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