Hello, and welcome to Final Fantasy Answers. What question do you have today?

Hi hi everyone! Emperor JuriSuzuki speaking! So attention and listen up! My brain is absolutely overflowing with creativity and I need an outlet so I am hereby announcing my plans to write a fanfic about the FFA itself!

That's right! I shall repeat! A fanfic about the FFA itself! All users will feature as characters! Unless of course...You do not want to...In which case, I will kill you off in a spectacular way before you have even drawn breath to speak.

How did this idea come about you ask? I shall never tell but we masters collaborated. So what do you think? Feel free to contribute any ideas at all and I would be happy to integarate them in as long as they are of course within reason and I won't be arrested by nem for it. Also Mateus is evil bad guy.

This beautiful creation of mine shall include job classes, magic, elves and everything needed to make a fantasy story awesome!

Now that I have told you about all this, tell me what you are thinking? Peace out guys and girls!

Added notes.

The world all this chaos shall take place on shall be called ChrisR. If anyone objects, please tellme and suggest an alternative or I will create one.

I already have an ending, and it shall be epic.

Okay I shall give a summary of the plot but I won't go into extremem detail because that would be telling and we can't have spoilers.

After the kind and benevolent ruler of the Xonzequilia Kingdom dies, his successor NemesisX takesover and seeing the world filled with ignorantly pathetic citizens, he takes it upon himself to begin a tyrannical and dictorial rule across the world. A talented, handsome and intelligent vassal of Nem named Juri grows discontent with the chaos and throws a pie with a bomb in his face because pie solves all, while the bomb explodes and burns half of Nem's face off, he survives due to Mateus' demonic flamenco powers.  As Juri escapes with his life, he decides to gather a group of helpers to form an army and take down Nem, he first starts by going to find his old friend Yuna...

Just a little brief which will grow into a magnificent story


Mateus: First appears to be a humble servant of Nem but after staging a coup d'état takes over power for his own fabulous needs and becomes the main antagonist. He attacks and kills his opponent with fabulous flamenco dancing (With deadly passion).

Nemesis: Is the main antagonist for the first part of the story until he is killed by Mateus' flamenco dancing. He is a tyrannical, dictorial ruler of the (Insert Empire name here) and only desires to 'fix' the world by force.  He will look like a demonic angel as well with part of his face missing from his head. His skull is visible and has bits of pie in it. Yunie throws up upon seeing it.

Yunie: A young girl from a small village that houses a large library. Always walking around with a smile on her face, her ability to randomly produce Cheesecakes and other delicious desserts makes her both loved and feared by everyone in her village. She joins the Coalition (Just what i'm calling our little ragtag group) when they learn of her uncanny ability. The quality of the dessert depends on her mood. She is a Dark Knight and weilds magical dolls with the faces of Tommy Wiseau.

Locke: Is the theif of the group and isn't trusted until he steals from Enuo's bank account after the latter's betrayal. He steals Yunie's purse, Garland's sword, Juri's necklace, Catuse's G-String and Enuo's Astronaut suit (Leaving him nude). Locke wields a small dagger. After they catch him, the group tortures him by force feeding him cheesecakes until he agrees to mend his theiving ways, refusing to the very end, they drag him along so he can steal stuff for them.

Enuo: The loveable bard, cosmonaut, steampunk celtic of the group who comes equipped with an assortment of weapons. He first appears playing a musical tune in the mountains and joins the heroes on theri quest. He later turns out to be a double-crosser and is secretly working for Nem.

Juri: (Why am I fifth) Juri is a humble summoner whose ultimate summon is Tommy Wiseau! He lives in Nem's empire but feels discontent living in it. After insulting Nem and throwing a pie at him, he is exiled and goes to visit his schoolfriend Yunie and decides to fight against Nem, forming the coalition. However he is not the leader type so they must first find a worthy leader. He is very emotional and gets angry easily. He is totally not tsundere. He wields a super fish (Fish slap, I don't take crap! Fish slap, shut yo big yap!)

SidVI: Lord Master Sid, the grand Vampire King of the Underworld and eventual leader of the coalition after much persuading (Alcohol fuelled cheesecakes). Living in Underworld, he and his race of vampires are seclusive and do not wish to be bothered by the outside world however after getting drunk on Yunie's Winecakes, he is tricked into signing a form declaring him the leader of the Coaltion. Much to his chagrin. He also has a harem of attractive women able to transform into many different beasts. Unfortunately they speak a language that no one can understand. He is very skilled with his hands (Mateus I know what you're thinking!) and a bow.

Dysley: Dysley intends to be Bishie? Well I don't intend to draw this since I have no drawing ability but I will try to convey bishiness as best I can. Dysley once lived in Yunie's village but was sadly kidnapped by mateus to become his fantabulous helper. Mateus performs an experiment through flamenco ritual to make Dysley sub-serviant, however it backfires and causes Dysley to go from a very manly and muscled bodybuilder to a bishie young boy. He is then tossed aside like a child's plaything into the sewers where he lives off of Cactuars. He joins the coalition after they venture through the sewers to reach Nem. Dylsey is purely a mage however he has a sword with a functional car engine attached for aesthetics.

Garland: Garland is a citizen (Or President? I have not decided) of Murrca! He notices Yunie and decides to stalk her whereever she goes, fighting the party on numerous occasions. He is the Ultros to our Terra. The Barthandelus to our Lightning. The Goblin to our Mateus. He serenades Yunie with horrifying covers of popular songs only be dragged along by Juri to get him to stop. He is like a male Jigglypuff. Actually after reading his comment lol scratch that, A Paladin with horryifying singing ability. Its happening!

Catuse: Catuse is a wise man who sends to Coaliton to find 4 objects needed to defeat Nem. The Coalition first meet him at his onion shaped home. However he is not present and phones Juri somehow to tell him that he is trapped within Rob's anus and acts from then on as a py for the Coalition. He is also a crazy cat person who bombards Yunie with an army of cats once she makes him a lemon sorbet. He escapes from mateus' butt via spicy curry. He later joins them when Mateus does a driveby on his home for burning his ringpiece.

Planet ChrisR

World Map courtesy of Mateus, who is better than Juri in every way possible.

So far...That's all I got. Any suggestions or changes or anything please feel free to let me know.

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