Hello, and welcome to Final Fantasy Answers. What question do you have today?

So I was talking to Nem and I signed in on Skype only to find it was Mateus' birthday today! So I decided to create this blog to both wish our resident joker a happy birthday and highlight his achievements on the Wiki.

So first off, happy birthday Mateus! I hope you get lots of gifts and cake! I know you don't really drink so we'll skip that part.

First off we have the famous question: How does one defeat Bizzaro Sephiroth? This was one of Mateus most famous moments for it spawned the meme 'Mateus hijacks questions'. Now we all know that if Mateus wills it, he can hijack our questions, our talk pages and the Community Discussion page.


And how can we ever forget Mateus photoshopping skills? From...Pimp Dysley...

...To Pimp Lightning...


Yep, Mateus truly knows his way around Photoshop.

But what about his taste in music? Here's a song I thought Mateus would like

If you don't like it Mateus, sorry.

Mateus, on behalf of the FFA and all its viewers and users. I would like to say, happy birthday and we love you. Also...

Garland psp

Garland says Happy Birthday as well!


Even the Goblins want to wish you a happy birthday!

Love Juri and everyone else at the FFA!

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