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Okay, guys, I need to tell the truth. For the past couple months, I have been hiding a problem I've been having. I have been suffering from incredible pain in my leg, which is the reason I seem unfocused and at times, completely inactive.

I had the leg checked out, and it turned out I had a benign tumor growing in my knee, which was the source of my agony. While it wasn't life threatening, its location was causing a reaction in my nerves and was triggering the excruciating pain I'd been feeling, as well as obstructing a blood vessel, causing it to swell overtime. I was able to hide this for some time, but the pain had grown to intolerable measures. Last week, I had the tumor surgically removed. However...

Due to where it was located, the surgery has caused some issues with my leg. When the tumor was cut out, it caused the muscle in my knee to become incredibly weak. I am now almost incapable of walking for the next two weeks. Maybe even longer. Due to this, I may be showing up a lot more. I may not. It is difficult to get around as of now, especially with the presence of a staircase in my home. To pass the time, I have resumed writing blogs and my stories, because the use of my computer allows me to sit down.

I am working on my newest addition to the Nostalgia Corner and considering returning to my Nintendo Crossover story I had started a few months ago. With the ability to use my leg robbed from me for the time being, this is about all I can do. I cannot work with this injury, and I cannot get out of the house due to it and my current need to be constantly under the effects of pain medicine, which leaves me more or less, well...stoned. So you might be seeing a lot more activity from me until my leg recovers.

I did not want to reveal this until the surgery had been finished as I didn't want anyone to worry. Do not fear, my doctors say my leg will recover in time. And as the tumor was benign, it had created no lasting issues to my health. Until then, though...I'll be around if you need me. I just figured you all, as my friends, deserved to know what is going on with me, in case my behavior becomes unusual (due to the effects of my medication) or I seem strangely present despite having a job and a life outside of this site.

Thank you for your time, and do not be concerned. I am fine. Just temporarily incapacitated.

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