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So I commonly talk about Video Game music in my blogs, but rarely do I mention exactly what video game tracks are my all time favorites. So today, I decided to write a quick blog showing them to you.

These were originally categorized, but that got a little hard to sort out, so...screw it.

These are in no particular order. Except for the ones that are. Then they're very much in order.

The Street Fighter 2 opening theme My local dentist has a Street Fighter 2 machine, and I always hear this damn thing playing when I'm there. So this is the song I get my teeth cleaned to.

Sunset Heroes from God Hand What better music to beat up midget goblin power rangers to? Works in more boss battles than you'd think.

The 13th Dilemma from Kingdom Hearts To be honest, I really just like the piano in this.

Star's Outcry from Asura's Wrath Unlike most songs of this style, I felt this bit of music actually perfectly fitted with the fact you're fighting this fucking thing.

The Megaman X intro stage theme Mega Man X is one of my all time favorite video games, one I kept close to my heart as a child. This song reminds me of those innocent days.

Zelda's Lullaby from the Legend of Zelda

Theme of Punch Out A lot of you may recall I said that I really like the game Punch Out. Well, I really like the updated theme song for the Wii sequel.

Waka's theme from Okami

Mantis Hymn from Metal Gear Solid

Shadowlord theme from NieR

Enclosure from Metal Gear Solid

Momentary Life Okay, maybe I just really like Baiken.

A despair Filled Farewell from Shadow of the Colossus

Ballad of the Wind Fish from Legend of Zelda (Warning, this song's in 8-bit, so I'd recommend turning your speakers down.) Another song from my childhood that fills me with Nostalgia. Link's Awakening was the first video game I ever played.

The Best is Yet to Come

Really? So there's something better that comes after this song? Hyuck hyuck.

The Theme to the Elder Scrolls

I live in a really open, expansive countryside. I like to whistle this when I take walks.

The Original Metal Gear Solid theme

And now, for my absolute favorite video game song of all time...IT's a tie! Between two songs I adore equally from two video games I love greatly. And they are...

The Legend of Zelda theme

Because like I said, the first video game I've ever played was a Legend of Zelda title. So this theme's stuck with me.

Old L.A. 2040 from Policenauts

Except unlike most people who claim to like this song, I've actually played Policenauts. It's one of my favorite PS1 games now. And this song kicks ass.

Hope you enjoy these as much as I do. Leave your thoughts in the comments. Sorry I didn't go into detail, but this was just a little share blog, and my mind's more focused on that Okami blog.

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