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I was thinking about, if I could make a Final Fantasy movie? Who would I pick for the cast. But then I decided to put a twist on it. *Chugs a 40 oz beer* So let's see what comes up when boredom and alcohol mix...*Hiccup*

Final Fantasy 1:

Hugh Jackman as Fighter.

Samuel L. Jackson as thief.

Roddy Piper as Monk.

Ving Rhames as White Mage.

David Bowie as Red Mage.

Keifer Sutherland as Black Mage.

Chris Rock as Garland.

Adam West as Chaos.

Hugh Laurie as King of Corneria.

That chick from the Progressive commercials as the Princess.

William Shatner as Lich.

Ellen Degeneres as Marilith

Dom Deluise as Kraken (Doesn't have to be a living actor)

Sean Connery as Tiamat

Final Fantasy 2

Topher Grace as Firion

Because I can't seem to think of an actress by name, someone NOT Megan Fox as Maria

Sylvester Stallone as Guy

Tobey McGuire as Leon (Using the emo Peter look from Spiderman 3 when he's the dark knight.)

Kal Penn as Minwu

Emperor Mateus (The Admin) as Emperor Mateus. (It was the most logical choice.)

Final Fantasy 4

Eddie Izzard as Cecil Harvey. (They both wear lipstick)

Matthew Broderick as Kain Highwind. (That's a lot of fish)

Maggie Gylen-I don't know how to spell her last name as Rosa.

Bob Hoskins as Cid.

Ron Perlman as Golbez (Don't tell me that wouldn't be awesome!)

Andrew Tieman (He was the Hunchback in 300) as Scarmaglione.

A turtle as Cagnazzo.

Christopher Lee as the voice of Rubicante (Does it really matter who the model actor is? He's wearing a mask.)

The blonde chick from Transformers as Barbarricia.

Final Fantasy 7:

Jack Black as Cloud

Neil Patrick Harris as Sephiroth

Sean Bean as Zack (Cuz he dies)

Olivia Wilde as Tifa

Sean Bean in a wig as Aerith (Cuz she dies.)

Martin Lawrence as Barret.

Bela Lugosi as Vincent.

Liu Yifei as Yuffie (That's like, the only female asian actor I know by name.)

Joe Pesci as President Shinra (He dies, but Sean Bean's busy in his other roles)

The kid who played Mclovin as Rufus Shinra.

Christopher Walken as Cid.

Tim Curry as Professor Hojo.

Sean Bean as Dyne.

My pet terrier Drake as Red XIII. (Voiced by Patrick Stewart.)

Dwayne Johnson as Rude.

Jet Li as Tseng. (I'm not really sure if Tseng is asian, but fuck it.)

Ashton Kutcher as Reno.

Meg Ryan as Elena

Sean Bean as Biggs.

Sean Bean as Wedge

Sean Bean as Jessie

Final Fantasy 9

Val Kilmer as Zidane

Mila Kunis as Garnet

Nathan Fillion as Steiner

Julia Roberts as Beatrice

Ian McKellen as Vivi.

Jeff "The Dude" Bridges as Garland.

Tim Curry as Kuja. (Because he's like, the only guy who actually WOULD wear that outfit.)

Arnold Vasloo as Necron. You know...that dude who played the villain from the Mummy whose name only I seem to be aware of?

Orson Welles as Quina.

More to come.

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