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Final Fantasy Villains Pros and Cons: (Work in progress.)

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Alright...Final Fantasy has some pretty good villains. From the Demon Chaos to the Annoyingly difficult to kill Seymour Guado. However, they are not by any means perfect. While they stack up to be my favorites among video game villainy, I found heavy flaws in their backstory. So let’s get to it. This is Final Fantasy Villains Pros and Cons. Note that this is going by their original portrayals. Not the Dissidia kind.

Now, this is not in order of who I like most. It is not a Top Ten List. It is not an admission I like one villain over the other. It is merely an examination of each character.

And another warning. I am sick of Villain wars. If I even SEE a hint of Kefka/Sephiroth fighting, I’m deleting it. You stand warned. I’m not fucking around. I’m sick of that damn argument. NO ONE CARES WHO IS BETTER.

  • This page is RIDDLED with spoilers from each of the game. You have been warned. Do not continue if you do not want to see spoilers.

Garland/Chaos: Final Fantasy 1.

Gárland Dissidia

I, Garland, will knock you all down!

Pros: Garland was surprisingly well developed for an NES era villain. Originally seeming to be your typical Princess kidnapping villain, Garland dies when you fight him during the phase when you rescue Princess Sarah. As the first boss. But before you can say “That was a short goddamn game...” you eventually run into Garland again after learning he is the master of the four fiends, and he is very much alive. Due to an infinite Paradox time loop, Garland has managed to make himself live forever and eventually become a God Demon named Chaos.

He has done this by sending the Four Fiends into the future to save him from death at the time of his demise by your hand, and they would send him back in time. Then, he would send them forward in time to when he was killed, and the process would repeat. Confusing, I know...
This was a pretty decent amount of fleshing out of a villain for that day and age. Which is one of the things that gave Final Fantasy appeal. Unfortunately...


"But I will be reborn once more. So even as you die, again and again, I shall return. Born again into this endless Cycle I have created.

Cons: Garland has no reason to his actions. It is never explained why he is doing this. Despite the surprising amount of originality to the character, he is also very 1 dimensional. He has no personality besides being evil, and no justification for anything he does. And while Dissidia seems to give Garland inspiration for his actions in Final Fantasy 1, it doesn’t explain why he planned all this in the first place.
Also, the infinite loop paradox in his plot is CONFUSING AS HELL.

What do you get when an emperor becomes bored of ruling Earth, and wants to take over Hell? One greedy motherfucker.

Emperor Mateus: Final Fantasy 2.

Emperor Mateus is probably my FAVORITE villain in the series. Why? Well, let’s get to it.
300px-Emperor Mateus

"You have braved the bowels of Hell to reach me. But the hand of man, which deals in false justice and forsaken love, can never hope to defeat the lord master of Hell!"

Pros: Of all the Final Fantasy villains, Emperor Mateus was probably the most successful and unpredictable in his plans. He had conquered so much of the planet that all that stood outside of his power was a small gaggle of resistance fighters. All other lands had pretty much given up to him. And to top it off, he did this achievement summoning demons from hell as his infinite army of cannon fodder. That’s pretty impressive.

Eventually, the rebels managed to attack and kill Mateus. All hope seemed better, until it was revealed some time later he wasn’t actually defeated. He let them kill him, so he could become the Demon Lord of Hell and resurrect himself. Why take over Hell? He didn’t need the power, he’d already had the world by the balls. He was just that greedy. And the fact that not only did he attempt to usurp the throne of Hell...He actually pulled it off, is a pretty serious villain trait.

In the Dawn of Souls Remake, which is taken as canon by Square’s admission, Mateus also succeeded in conquering Heaven at the same time in a strange incident where his soul split into two. Jesus Christ (Hur hur, ironic exclamation), this guy sure works efficiently, doesn’t he?

This guy has an excellent way with words, too. In the remake of the game, Emperor Mateus is confronted in Heaven by the many characters killed by his actions throughout the plot. And despite their anger, he actually managed to talk them into forgiving him, and almost duped them into accepting immortal in exchange for laying down their arms against him. It is only due to the intervention of other characters that Mateus' ruse is exposed and the heroes find reason to fight his Light half.

Cons: Unfortunately, there’s a gaping hole in Mateus’ story as the villain. Various plot elements that should be important go untouched upon. How did he usurp Hell? How did he gain power over demons? How did he become the lord of Heaven, either?

He also looks disturbingly like David Bowie. (And kind of sounds like him, too.)

Xande: Final Fantasy 3


"Once you are gone, eternal life will be mine!"

Xande is easily the first villain to have even a hint of an explanation to his actions. He was a student of the Great Magus Noah, along with two other students. While the other two students were blessed with incredible magic ability, Xande was given the unusual gift of mortality. Unable to face the fact he's doomed to die, Xande sets out on a quest to flood the world with darkness, thereby freezing time and making it so his death never occurs.

Another thing to note about Xande is how difficult he is to beat. This guy will DESTROY you if you're not absolutely ready for him. It is recommended that you focus primarily on hitting him fast, hard, and efficiently, because the guy will annihilate you if you let him.

Cons: Xande is the saddest excuse for a Final Fantasy villain EVER. Not only is he laughably undeveloped compared to Chaos and Emperor Mateus, but his ambitions are pathetic. He doesn't come off as evil. Just a coward. He would rather time stopped than himself ever die? Well, if time freezes...wouldn't he freeze along with it? He might as well be dead then. This plot was reused for Ultimecia and easily done much more successfully.

Xande also isn't seen much in Final Fantasy 3, and after you finally get to fight him? You don't even get the satisfaction of ending this little bitch's life. Ironically, his plan leads to his death at the hands of our next entry.

The guy is so pathetic, they didn't even use him in Dissidia. They gave his spot away to someone who is even worse of a character than he is!

Cloud of Darkness: Final Fantasy 3.

Cloud of DArkness

"We shall devour your light, and use it to return this world to the Void!"

........I got nothing. Cloud of Darkness is a joke. Seriously. There is NOTHING decent about this character! You could say she's the first female villain, but even that's questionable given the character of this villain.

Cons: Holy shit, can you be any more one dimensional as a villain? Cloud of Darkness is just evil for the sake of being evil. She/he/Heshe/(whatever the fuck Cloud of Darkness is...) has no motives for her plans to destroy the world. Even Exdeath had SOME reason to his actions, he wanted power. Cloud of Darkness is just villainous for the hell of it. And just as soon as she appears, she’s gone.

Xande may have had a pathetic character to him, but Cloud of DArkness has NO character. No build up, no backstory...There isn't even an explanation for exactly what the hell Cloud of Darkness even is. They didn't even give an answer for why Cloud of Darkness is even IN the game until the DS remake.


Golbez: Final Fantasy 4

(WRITTEN BY THE NEMESISX) Pros: One of the first villans in FF history to get his own tune, but wait, there is more. You see Golbez was portrayed to be manipulative, powerfull and evil all the way through to the core, he was able to mind control Kain and stopped at NOTHING to achieve his goals. [I WILL ADD MORE LATER]

Exdeath: Final Fantasy 5.

(WRITTEN BY THE NEMESISX) Pros: Exdeath, what is there to say about Exdeath well although he may be a cliche villian he is also unique, lets begin shall we. You see unlike most villians Exdeath has a rather unusuall history of how his existance came to be, years and years ago we learn about Enuo and how he tried to use the void which lead to the world being split into two, now because of this occurence there was alot of evil enerygy in the world and so that energy was sealed away with the great forest of Moore, who would have thought that a freaking tree! would become Exdeath!, see thats pro one, mother nature becomeing a fucking bad arse.

Not to mention Exdeath has that awesome armour, but the bad thing is there is not much to Exdeath, sure he looks cool, has an awesome voice, but his only main pro is being a living tree inside a beautiful set of armour BUT i can give him one thing, controlling the void, he went through great lengths to merge the two worlds together to gain control of the void which he used to suck Tycoon castle and "TURTLE!" also he killed of Galuf at the great forest of moore.

Cons: Now this is where things get so damn easy, his major flaws are so simple, his obsession with the void, seriously!, in Dissidia nearly every quote he has involves the void or the rift, he even says to the Warrior of Light "Simple minded fools such as yourselves could never hope to understand my motives" but in reality we ALL understand his motives, he just wants to send the world into the void!, it's his only goal, to control the power of nothingness which is NOTHING!, and in the end he got sucked in and transformed into Neo Exdeath, a being that was now being used BY the void so in the end he failed.

He was too much of a one dimensional villian and was far too cliche.

Locke Add-on: The saddest part about Exdeath is in the end, his underling Gilgamesh proved to be significantly more interesting. And when the side character proves to garner more attention than his boss? You know you've failed miserably as an interesting villain.

Kefka Palazzo: Final Fantasy 6

Pros: This is a guy who you'll just love to hate.

"Read my lips - mercy is for wimps! There's a reason "oppose" rhymes with "dispose"...If they get in your way, kill them!"

Out of all the villains in Final Fantasy canon, Kefka has the most personality. The guy is batshit insane. He takes the term “The ends justify the means” to a WHOOOOOOLE new level. From the Get-Go, we get the idea this guy is nuts when he complains about there being sand on his boots in the middle of a desert.

His behavior is erratic as hell, too. One moment he can be cheeky, comical, and just plain hilarious, the next, he is just terrifyingly dark. This comes into play when he poisons a whole town and LAUGHS about it, saying what is possibly the most psychotic line I've ever heard.

"Hee, hee! Nothing can beat the sweet music of hundreds of voices screaming in unison!"

This guy exists for nothing more than the sake of destroying things. He has a pleasure in harming people that goes beyond sadistic. And a downright DISTURBING obsession with murder. The thing that’s so scary about Kefka is, how do you reason with a guy who sees life as nothing more than a single path towards it’s own destruction? How do you convince a guy who loves nothing more than watching others suffer? You can’t.

This guy is so fucked up in the head, he doesn’t see any point to living. For anyone. Not even himself...and actually, it’s kind of sad. Behind the laughter and the grin lays a dead soul, filled with nothing but emptiness.

Kefka was an experiment to fuse magic to a living being. While the experiment was a success and Kefka was made a very powerful mage, the process was imperfect and caused his mind to deteriorate heavily, falling into a serious depressive state in which he lost all ability to comprehend even the simple joys of living. Many people assume his manic behavior is simply a cover for his loss of humanity and emptiness. This is a tragic story for a villain, and in the end, you kind of feel sorry he has such a sad existance.

One of my favorite things about Kefka is how he left a lasting impact on various members of the party. He tormented Terra and used her as his little toy, he murdered Cyan's entire kingdom with poison, sending the sole survivor Knight into a crippling depression, and he even went so far as to coax Celes into stabbing him, just because he's so fucked up.

There's a word for a guy like that. PRICK.

One last thing about Kefka is his death actually held some consequence to it. Because Kefka was essentially the God of Magic, when finally destroyed, magic ceased to exist and the Espers died out. So he got one last laugh in the end...

Cons: Okay...Kefka fanboys, just close the window at this...

...You gone? Okay. Good.

Nothing Kefka does in Final Fantasy 6 is even that spectacular. Even his poisoning a town isn’t that great, despite how fucked up it was. That was a pretty legitimate strategy back in the darker ages. People of more sound mind than Kefka have done that. Mateus did it too back in FF2.

Probably the worst thing about Kefka is he was so damn predictable. You knew Kefka was going to be the main villain by how much they set him up. Gestahl got almost ZERO screen time, while you couldn’t turn around without seeing Kefka. And his killing General Leo swore him in as the villain. Only the main villain seems to ever actually KILL a developed character. Once you got the gist of Kefka’s character, you could always see his next move coming, by thinking "What is the most fucked up thing I can imagine him doing?".

And Kefka’s plan of becoming a God does not hold up by today’s standards. While it was amazing for that time, his plan is now...typical of villains in this day and age, who either ascend to Godhood sometime within the plot or are already gods themselves. And sure, he destroys the planet, turning it into a wasteland, but we see the world recovering afterwards, so...what’s the big deal? It didn’t have a lasting effect. The planet healed after he died.

His massacring the Espers, I’ll give him that, was pretty sweet. But that was small potatoes compared to his BIG plan...Even his motives were 1 dimensional, even if they made it psychologically sensible in his case. He just wanted to destroy without end.

The Shin-Ra Electric Power Company: Final Fantasy 7


Citizens, unite! Come to the light, Mako energy. Power is truth. Shinra is the future. Real happiness can be found in obedience to the company.

These guys are easily my favorite sub villains. They bring a lot to the game. For one thing, they're realistic. As you can guess by the name, they are a massive Business Empire, on par with the strength of the Gestahl Empire from Final Fantasy 6. Their military strength comes from the use of a PMC army, much like several corporations in the real world having their own form of Army-grade security.

There is an element of backstory to the Shin-ra's rise to power. Originally a small weapons manufacturer, the Shin-Ra learned about the power of Mako energy, and thus their grip on the world tightened as this new discovery landed the world deep in their pockets. Eventually they had all the power they needed to set themselves up as the Global Government Power. When the last remaining free nation, Wutai, refused to cooperate with their take over and implanting of a Mako reactor, Shin-ra destroyed the country's resisting army in a decisive war.

Despite being small time compared to the real villain of the game, these guys do not fuck around. When faced with an enemy, they strike efficiently and hit hard. When the original Avalanche resistance group rose up in arms against them, Shin-Ra's superior SOLDIER force wiped them out. In response to a Mako Reactor accident, Shin-ra gunned down a city suspected of rebellion.

Probably the most notorious thing Shin-Ra ever did was after the new Avalanche Uprising, when Shin-Ra ended the new movement by blowing up the Sector 7 pillar that suspended an entire city over the slums that the rebels hid out in. The result of which killed 3 of the primary members, destroyed two entire cities and emotionally devestated the remaining rebels. Shin-Ra even managed to spin this to make it look like they futily but bravely attempted to stop the rebels, who were blamed for the disaster.

Shin-Ra isn't one to run with their tails between their legs either. Even the assassination of their President after the revelation of Sephiroth as the villain did not stop them. A new president was appointed, and business returned to normal.

They even had a good run against Sephiroth, and provided the heroes the opening to finally encounter, at the cost of their final destruction at the hands of the Diamond WEAPON.

Shin-Ra's villainy hits a little close to home, being based of several real life Autocracies and dictatorships, even if it comically exaggerates them. Most evidenced being the Nazi Party and the Soviet Union.

Also, not really a pro, but President Shin-Ra is the first character in Final Fantasy canon to introduce a real life piece of music. During the Sector 7 destruction, he is heard listening to Haydn's The Creation. Don't ask how I knew that song's name, I'm such a geek...

To be honest, in any other game, these guys would have been the main villains. They're well
Shinra MP
developed, make their presence known, and they are so well coordinated and awe inducingly capable that they almost overwhelm Sephiroth as the enemy up until the latter half of the second disk.

Cons: Wow, I had a lot of good to say about Shin-ra, didn't I? Unfortunately, even they aren't getting a free ride.

Unfortunately, after the team flees Midgar, Shin-Ra goes quiet. For a corporation that seemed so clearly hellbent on killing Cloud and his companions in the first act, they seem to all but completely ignore your presence for a great deal of the remainder of the game. I guess a renegade former Super-Soldier comes first in priority, but the protagonists showed that they're as big a problem to the company as well.

Also, for whatever reason, Shin-Ra soldiers show a complete lack of sense, and it's hard to take them seriously when their Private Army seems to have the Military discipline of a bunch of five year olds. I'm aware in the rest of the compilation they became more competant and actually pretty Gad-dang dangerous, but in the original entry, they were laughably pathetic enemies.

There is also the matter of Rufus Shinra, a character who the game boasts is pretty much worse than his father. The guy doesn't do...anything. Daddy dropped a city on another city, if this guy's supposed to be worse (I have no idea how that's possible, Shinra the Elder was pretty much as black hearted as they come) shouldn't we get an example of that?

Professor Hojo: Final Fantasy 7

Pros: One could easily make the argument that in many ways, this guy is even more fucked up than
Kefka could dream of being, just was a lot more subtle about it. Granted, that's still not really saying much. Professor Hojo, while seemingly a very minor villain, played probably the biggest role in the compilation off screen. If it happened, you could damn well guarantee a 80/20 chance this asshole was involved. He is solely responsible for most of the antagonists in the FF7 canon, making him one annoying bastard.

And as much as I despise this dick, upon proper inspection...he's a pretty good villain in the level of how important he is to the plot.

This guy created Sephiroth, both psychologically and literally. He is Sephiroth's father. He is the one that implanted the Jenova Cells into Sephiroth before he was even born and fed him this insane concept that Jenova is Sephiroth's real mother. He even planted the Jenova cells into Cloud that allowed Sephiroth to control him. None of Final Fantasy 7 would have happened without this guy.

Cons: This guy takes the mad scientist cliche to shamefully overexaggerated levels. While he is the mastermind behind most of the 7 Compilation's events, there isn't an ounce of rational thought to any of this man's actions. Even Kefka's nihilism is based on an actual concept of insanity. Hojo's obsession with the Jenova project goes beyond reason. He is so wrapped up in the Project that he would rather continue to feed Sephiroth, his beloved result of the process, more power to destroy the world. And why? Is this guy seriously THAT focused on his little experiment that he's lost all trace of sense?

Now, this would normally be a pro in anyone else's list, but think about this...Do you really want a villain who is so easily wrapped around the "Just 'cause" concept when asked about why he is doing any of this? Someone so 1 dimensional, the developers actually use his baseless insanity to escape any need for a proper explanation? I sure as fuck don't.

And the game never explains why Hojo does any of the stuff he's responsible for. He feels more like a cheap excuse to avoid explaining the plot. Put in a guy whose actions completely lack any reason and then throw the plot all around this guy. Hojo is a clear testiment of how lazy Square can be sometimes.

Sephiroth: Final Fantasy 7

I already mentioned the pros of Sephiroth's character in my review of FF7.

One more advantage I'd give Sephiroth is probably he has one of the more fleshed out and unique
Sephiroth ff7

What I have shown you is reality. What you remember, that is the illusion.

backstories of all the villains, having been an experiment to create a perfect soldier using the DNA of the alien being Jenova.

Cons: *Sighs* Yup...I didn't spare Kefka...Sephiroth is not getting off lightly either.

Sephiroth has NO PERSONALITY. He is boring, he is stale, he has maybe a few cool lines, but aside from that, he is DULL. Granted, this isn't much of a problem when a lot of Final Fantasy characters can be like this...some even worse.

I wouldn't dare ever call Sephiroth a Momma's Boy, but his motives were very focused on pleasing Jenova...and that was kind of sad. He needed a little more independance.

His backstory is incredibly full of holes, too, despite how thorough it is. Why was he decieved into believing Jenova was his mother? Why all this focus on him as an experiment? The bad thing is they pulled a really annoying move with this in centering all these answers around Hojo and just saying "Because Hojo's like that." And while that DOES answer the doesn't give a satisfying answer that makes you think Square put some effort into this.

Ultimecia: Final Fantasy 8


Pros: Time Compression, she was the first villian that had allready ruled
Ultimecia 1

The price for your meddling is death beyond death. I shall send you to a dimension beyond your imagining. There, I will reign, and you will be my slaves for eternity.

over the future (or present in HER time) and had EVERYTHING at her finger tips, but was this enough? NO, she knew she was destined to die at the hands of a SeeD so she decided to escape her fate by compressing time into one singularity so that she could rule over all existance with just her.

In order for her to do this she went through great lengths by useing the Junction Ellone system and sent her consciouse back in time and possessed two POWERFULL Sorceress, Edea and Adel, she easly usurped Galbadia and begun her conquest to find Ellone so that she could complete her time compression, after Edea's defeat she uses Rinoa, who is Squall's LOVER and releases Adel from her tomb then leaves Rinoa to die in space, what a bitch!. Afterwards she uses Adel to carry out her tasks and ACTUALLY succeeds in compressing time thanks to Squall and Laguna although the plan is halted she manages to continue in the final battle.

Ah yes the final battle, it was herald as the hardest final boss battle in the history of RPG's of it's time, Ultimecia has a wide range of magic at her disposal and not to mention she created the ultimate GF Greiver out of Squall's mind THEN goes and junction's herself unto it, when all that is over she comes out looking like Anima while compressing time, and it's THIS form which makes the battle with her to be the hardest (although me personally i found Ultimecia to be a cinch in all the forms).

Cons: Like Cloud of Darkness and Necron she was a last minuet villian/final boss, Square could have gone out of their way and made Adel the main villian but they chose not to, Ultimecia was not realy needed for FFVIII and so was Time Compression. They could have easly changed it around to haveing Adel possessing Edea from her tomb, trying to free herself so that she could continue her quest in conquering the world THEN thanks to her knowledge of Ellone she will use Ellone to try and compress time so that she could rule over for an eternity.

Locke Add-in: All I wanna know is what the fuck kind of speech impediment affect only your subtitles?

Kuja: Final Fantasy 9

Pros: I like this guy. Kuja is amazingly sinister as a villain. He not only betrays one major villain, but both of them. He is clever, he is manipulative, and he is just such a backstabber. And the main thing about his plans? When he decides to put them into action?

Oh dear god, do they work. This guy could give Mateus a run for his money.

Kuja stands out among the villains by how elegant a character he is. He has a very unique speech pattern to him, speaking highly in metaphors and poetic terminology. Despite the fact he is sadistic as hell, this is offset by an almost disturbingly refined nature to him.

But oh boy, does this guy love himself...Upon learning that he is not immortal, Kuja FREAKS. He has such an ego that he believes the world shouldn't exist without him, and sets out to destroy it. What a selfish bastard.

Contrary to his narcissism...He soon shows a repentant side to his actions that has never been seen in Final Fantasy villainy. In the end, he is actually happy that Zidane and everyone else survive the Final Battle, regretting letting his pride put everything at stake. There's a level of development to Kuja that is very rare in video game villains period.

Another point about Kuja is not only did he plot to destroy a planet? He actually did it. Maybe not the planet the majority of the game took place on, but a planet nonetheless.

Cons: I didn't really expect there'd be anything bad to say about Kuja, but there is. As set up and well defined a character he is...He is yet ANOTHER Life Exterminator-type villain in the end. His actions set up for yet another "Save the world from destruction" climax, a very tired point of story....

His ending is kind of ambiguous too. You never learn what happened to him in the ending. Which, while fan fiction writers will have a field day with that, seems a rather disappointing conclusion to him.

Personally, I think Kuja would have been a much better villain as a female. Don't change anything about him character-wise, just have made him a girl. I mean, he already looks like one...

Seymour Guado: Final Fantasy 10

(WRITTEN BY THE NEMESISX) Pros: Perhaps the first villian to ever be more of a shades of grey villian, there was some serious development behind Seymour, you know that Seymour is goining to turn out to be a villian from the way Tidus says he never trusted him the day they met the guy.

Seymour was so screwed up from his childhood that he decided to go and KILL his father to become the new Maester of Yevon and leader of the Guado's not to mention he tries to marry Yuna just so he could use her as a pawn in his goal of becoming Sin, he was a HUGE schemer and when things went wrong he knew what to do next to fix it up. As i mentioned earlier he is more of a shades of grey type of villian for you see he wanted to save Spira by becoming Sin and KILLING EVERYBODY!, most villians want to kill people but not to "save" them from their dispair but for the sake of it, Seymour ACTUALLY makes us feel sorry for him.

Lastly the bastard kept comeing back, yeah the first time we fight him he dies but being an unsent he stayed behind to continue his quest into becoming Sin at any means necerssary, the guy would not go away, we had to fight him FOUR TIMES! before being able to FINALLY send him to the Far Plane also before i forget, his voice, who could forget that creepy voice of his.

Cons: Not realy that many cons when it comes to Seymour, perhaps the only con i see is that he is not ACTUALLY the main villian of FFX, just an antagonist/recurring villian. End of the day he was overshadowed by a giant whale, Jecht and a parastie aka Yu Yevon. He was the second last boss we fight in the game (third if you include the boss fight with Yu Yevon/Aeons to count) thus NOT makeing him the final boss.

He also was scrapped from Dissidia to be re placed with Jecht because his relationship with Tidus could not work, had Yuna been in Dissidia instead of Tidus then yeah, Seymour would have gotten the role instead of Jecht.

Barthandelus/Galenth Dysley: Final Fantasy 13

(Written by Emperor Mateus.) Pros: Barthandelus seems to be the only character who knows what is

My name is Barthandelus. Voice of the Sanctum and Lord-Soverign of the Cocoon fal'Cie. Your kind feared the darkness, so we gave you light.You begged us for the Purge. and did it not come to pass? Now you spurn our counsel? You must learn your place!

going on in the entire game. While the heroes wander around looking for ways to remove their L'Cie brands, and PSICOM waste their time trying to kill Lightning and the gang, Barthandelus sets in motion a grand plan to restore the World to its former glory with himself at its helm. The Lord Sovereign of the Cocoon Fal'Cie, Barthandelus is immensely powerful. He has been shown to shape-shift, cheat death a number of times (with the party fighting him a total of three times throughout the game) and manipulate the entire Cocoon Government to do his bidding.

He even fools the party to do exactly what he wants. While they think they're fighting against Dysley, they are in fact doing exactly what he wanted them to. He allows himself to die, much like Mateus, and in doing so releases the Fal'Cie Orphan from his slumber, initiating the destruction of Cocoon. Although his plans are foiled at the last minute by Fang and Vanille, he came damn close to destroying the world, with Cocoon being saved from destruction only moments before its collision with Pulse.

Overall, Dysley is a clever, manipulative and sinister being. He puts little value on human lives, disposing of his closest allies without hesitation. He fools the entire world into thinking he's the hero and that the L'Cie are the villains. He even has the dedication to offer his own life to release Orphan and have Ragnarok destroy Cocoon once and for all. Dysley knew exactly what he was doing.

Cons: Like most characters in XIII, especially the villains, Dysley got little character development and even less screen time. The party only meets him face-to-face at least halfway into the story, and then see him occasionally after that. His goals are only briefly touched on and his backstory is never explained other than he's a God in charge of the Fal'Cie of Cocoon.

In his human form, Barthandelus is far from menacing. He appears as a frail old man in religious-looking robes and a silly pope hat. He hardly does much in his human form either, other than teleport around, levitate off the ground and fire magic from his staff. His bird does more than him.

Finally, despite being a good villain, Square-Enix seems to shun him. Because of his unsavoury reception among fans (methinks it's a result of him looking like an old man and not being a young hunk like most villains), Square decided that Dysley should be avoided from thereon in. He doesn't even get a mention in the sequel, and has not appeared in any FF spin-off (Dissidia, Theatrythm, etc.) as of yet. It seems like Dysley was wasted potential. They have an interesting and sinister enemy, but due to fans disliking him, the company erases him from history. If only they would leave Sephiroth alone... he's been in more than enough games already.

This is the beta of my observations of these villains. I'll continue to expand on it as I continue games. I am Lockexceles34, and I hope you enjoy reading this.

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