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So...What the flying fuck is up with the price of video games online these days?

No, I'm not talking about Gamestop, I don't see the big deal, I've always had fantastic dealings with that company, they've given me good, honest opinions, and I don't even think their trade-in offers are that bad. I got $200 in trade-in on them once, and if I was there the day before, I'd have gotten $400 trade-in. Hell, I even got an extra 10% because it just happened to be my birthday. I'm talking about the money grubbing assholes on the online market who charge small fortunes for games that are practically ancient.

Okay, a little nugget of knowledge, you know how I get all my old games I review? Coolroms? Emuparadise? No. I actually buy every single game I review on this site. Or at least rented them. I legally paid my right to play all of them.

Yes, I have admitted to using a PS1 emulator, but I don't use ISOs. I find them very unreliable. I tried at one point, with Silent Hill, and everything looked wierd, Harry had this white box around him, the monsters would sometimes glitch, so I just found the game.

Same deal with when I tried reviewing Spyro the Dragon, the gems didn't load on screen. I could still pick them up, I could hear them sparkling, but I couldn't see them.

Jade Cocoon, one of my favorite PS1 RPGs of all time, would randomly skip dialogue, Brave Fencer Musashi, the textboxes would just...I don't even know what the hell was going on there.

So all in all, I hate ISOs, I don't bother with them. I buy all my games now. The reason I use the emulator is because, when writing a review, it's nice to not have to walk back and forth between the TV and the computer.

EPSXE is capable of using your computer's disk reader to play actual PS1 disks. That is what I use it for.

But this is getting very difficult for me, because you can't find these games in a normal store. I have to shop online for them. Now, my concern isn't buying a scratched game that won't play, I usually get pretty lucky on that case. Granted, my Luigi's Mansion instruction manual smells like nicotine, and my copy of Wind Waker has some dude named Scott McDowell's name on it, but the games are usually in good shape.

What bugs me is...What the hell is going on with prices here? You want to know how long it took me to find my copy of Final Fantasy 7? 4 months? Why? Cuz the fucking prices for this game...$200, $650, $4,000! Four fucking THOUSAND dollars for a 17 year old game.

My car didn't cost me that much.

Super Metroid, $700. Street Fighter 2, $90, Crash Bandicoot, $100. Halo, $200. Dafuq?!

I know nostalgia is a precious thing to people, but really? Are people actually paying these prices for these games?!

Now granted, I occasionally get lucky. Code Veronica, $1. Don't know what was going on there, had the case, the disk, the manual. But all in all, good deal.

But jesus. What the fuck? I get that, at least in the case of Final Fantasy 7, the fanbase is so mouth foaming rabid that yeah, there's probably a few amongst that flock that might pay $4,000 for the game, but I look at these prices, and I can't help but wonder, who is more the fool? The fool who thinks these prices will sell the game or the fool who actually buys it for that price?

You want to know a good source for these games, at least in the case of Sony games? The Playstation store. Final Fantasy 7, $9.99. Nine dollars, and ninety nine cents. Tekken 2, $4.99. Max Payne, $10. Spyro the Dragon, $5. Tomba, $10. I think the game's length has something to do with whether the price is $5 or $10, I guess. Except for PS2 games, they're always $10.

Nintendo Store, Majora's Mask, I think if I can convert their point system right, is equivalent to $5. As is Metroid, and Super Mario Bros, and all their games.

Digital copies purchased and downloaded directly into your console without even getting off your ass, for the price of a burger, fries, and a soda.

But I don't like digital copies, they take up my harddrive space, and sometimes I like knowing I have a solid copy of something, and that don't always have the game I'm looking for. But I'd rather not pay out the ass for that, when the alternative is the same price as a block of cheese.

It just baffles me how people think this is a good way to sell a game for money, when Sony put Final Fantasy 9 and the Crash bandicoot games on their services for piss cheap and their monthly profits shot through the fucking roof that day.

Although what scares me worse is are people actually buying the games for these prices? Are you so desperate to get your nostalgia fix you are blowing the price of a console on just one game? The sad thing is...I'm afraid this might be the case...And it scares me.

See, this is why I believe Nostalgia is not always a good thing, and why I don't try to blind myself to it, especially when writing my Nostalgia Corners. Because this is what I fear it does to people. $400 for a copy of pikmin? DEAL!

You know, I take it back. I blamed modern gaming for being all about the green, but it seems I've been thrown a curveball because the past market is just as bad a leech on your wallet. Past, present, future, it doesn't matter. They've got to

FML, man. FML. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go play my copy of G-Police which did NOT cost me a small fortune to find.

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