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Final Fantasy 7 is my favorite Final Fantasy. And lately I've been seeing a lot of comments from people wanting SquareEnix to remake Final Fantasy 7.

...Am I the only one who thinks that's a fucking terrible idea?

That would be asking the company that RUINED Final Fantasy 7 by working Cloud into a mopey, brooding nit, unnecessary plot development, and a reworked Sephiroth, to remake Final Fantasy 7, one of the greatest Final Fantasies ever in my opinion. You are asking Square-Enix to rework the game into what THEY think is a better version. Does no one see something wrong with that?

  • This is a company that renamed Golbez Theodore, for fuck's sake.

When you remake a game, you don't just touch up the graphics. There's a lot more to it. You rework the script, like they did with Final Fantasy 4. You redo character personalities to be more up to date. (And we've all seen Square's idea of "updating" characters from Final Fantasy 7.)

I do not trust them. I've seen it happen before. Anyone play Tomb Raider? You ever play the original? Well, the original got remade once. Lara was turned into an absolute stone hearted bitch and the game suffered for it.

That's what I fear they'll do with Final Fantasy 7. Turn Cloud from his dignified portrayal in this game into the "New Generation Cloud Strife" that nobody fucking likes. And that's not even the worst thing I believe they'll do with it.

Lord knows they LOVE fanservice, too, and we'll probably end up with some erotic beach scene where Tifa's feeding Aerith strawberries in a swimsuit that looks like her enormous breasts will snap it at any minute. Tifa's suffered enough being their corporate whore. Think of Tifa. Spare her the indignity!

And Sephiroth? You know how people complain he's metaphorically "Weaker" as a character in the rest of the Compilation? Yeah...

Just...think about it for a bit before you had this gem over to the company we're all bitching has ruined Final Fantasy 7.

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