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Ok so im not really one to do a review for games ect but i just got back from blockbuster and has decided to review this game while i play through it, i have blocked out all negative thoughts about it and i am trying my absolute best to go in without having a single clue about the game, that way i can remain some what bias. I have 7 days to play this game before i can return it unless i want to spend another $4 on re renting it, it's funny, only 2 of our 2 dollar coins is all it cost for me to rent this game, it better be worth it. Anyway's let's begin this review.

Night 1

Ok so far the intro looks nice, vibrant colours, peaceful music, as for graphics it really is outstanding for an FF title, considering the last FF to be released on a home console was XII back before XIII was made, anyways im gonna skip the intro now and get straight to the main screen. It does feel like a classic FF game with the title screen now for the game.

Ok so i just had that tutorial boss battle and i don't know if it's just me but why couldn't i play as Sahz, he's in my party, i could only attack as Lightning or is that because of the tutorial? if so then i'm fine with that and apparently i won the battle even though that boss's HP was no where near 0%. Ok so i just battle two soldiers and AGAIN i couldnt use Sahz, WTF AM I DOING WRONG!?. Ok so i give up, i have pused every god damn mother fucking button on my control pad to try and figure out how to play as Sazh and i cannot, i guess the game wants me to only control one character, WTF SQUARE, like seriously!?, what ever happened to controlling the whole party, sure XII's battle system was WAY different to the traditional battle system but at least you guys got that right when it came to controlling your party!.

You know what else is bothering me, running in one direction (fuck i hate that band), i know i'm nitpicking here but it's really annoying when i can't have more open space, it's like they tried being a 2D side scroller but in 3D, *facepalm*. Ok so im gonna take a quick break here, gonna use this time to make my dinner.

Ok so while my dinner cooks in the oven i decided to return to XIII, i'm now up to playing as Snow, so far he doesn't seem too bad of a character, maybe it's because of Troy Baker's voice haha but once again im in a direct route towards the sanctum, no left turns or right turns, now i know why Jontron calls the game Final Hallway and i have come to the conclusion that i cannot play with my party, only as the leader, fuck this shit, anyways i'm just gonna keep pushing through, after all like most FF games for me the beginning always drags on. Its sad when i can just sit here and mash the A button on my 360 controller while typing this blog, hell i don't even need to watch the screen, i can kill these enemies with my eyes closed!.

So Snow is acompanied by his little rebel group, an african character with one weird as hell haircut that reminds me of Fawkes from Harry Potter, a young women who's clearly just there for eye candy and some little runt kid, i can't be fucked remebering their names because their names are too hard TO remember. Ok so after more boreing fighting i get to the destination point, ok so a group of un trained citizen's are asking to help fight, the group that Snow was trying to save wants to help fight and Snow says yes to it, am i the only one here who thinks that is a really stupid fucking descion on his part!?. Then they offer the last gun to a kid (Hope) and the kid uses his brains and says no then some bimbo (Vanille) takes the gun, i wouldnt trust anyone with a weapon if their not trained but i ESPECIALLY wouldn't trust someone who straight away strikes me like a bumbling clutz. Also the mother taking the gun, bad parenting right fucking there, your the only one who will raise that child you spawned years back, if you die on the battlefield then your only son becomes an orphan, did you even BOTHER to think about that!?, i'm guessing no.

Ok im gonna take an intermission here,

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