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Good evening boys and girls and all things great small

I bring before you a chance to see the fear that is is dear to the heart of me

Although for me it's a delight i ensure you it is quite a fright

So sit back and enjoy the ride but beware because you wont find a place to hide.

So i decided to make a blog for this special day to talk a little bit about my favorite fear related stuff, from fictional characters to real life things this blog is pretty much to celebrate what i like that is related to the emotion of fear, some of these entries would have scared other people, some of it may have even scared me at one point but at the very least that doesn't mean i don't like them, so here it is.

Return the slab...

King ramses

Does anyone remember Courage the cowardly dog?, if so then i'm sure most of you remember this guy, as a kid this one of character gave me the damn creeps, i know the series was built around a weird out of this world fear plotted story but DAMN was Kind Ramses one of the freakiest characters to appear on the show, it was that damn design of his that really sends chills down your spine and the way he speaks was like getting someone with a cold breath to breathe on your neck *shudders*.

The boogyman is gonna get you!

Michael Myers

Halloween will always be to me one of the scariest movies in history, the original 1978 film was a work of art, they knew exactly how to build up a sense of fear and suspense as Michael Myers drew ever closer to his victims. The man never spoke, just acted and having a mask that looks like an emotionless face (Although when you find out it's a face of William Shatner it kinda ruins the feel haha) made it all the more creepier.

Michael Myers seemed all most indestructible, after getting shot a couple of times and falling to what would seem to be his doom, the movie ends with his sister and doctor (i forget their names lol) looking out of the window to find he is gone and to make it scarier they have michael's breathing get louder and louder as the show is about to end oh and lets not forget that chilling theme that was composed for the movie.

When you are suffering, know that i have all betrayed you...

Marilyn Manson angel

The world shudders as the worm get's his wings

The king of Shock Rock, Marilyn Manson was hands down the scariest thing to walk in the music scene back in the 90's, wearing ghoulish make up, a corset and with his long hair, the man that looked like a women had people shocked as he and his band took the christian world by storm. As a kid i remember seeing Manson and being freaked out by him, as an adult i think the complete opposite.

Being inspired by Alice Cooper's theatrics on stage and KISS's costumes and make up, this helped pave the way for the most controversial rocker of the 90's, his album Antichrist Superstar would be his best selling and having the scariest tone when it comes to his albums, if you flicked through the awesome artwork you could see how something like this album would scare a child oh and let's not forget the music video of Sweet Dreams and The Beautiful People, awesome videos but as a child seeing someone like Manson in a wedding gown in a destroyed asylum could give children nightmares.

At the end of fear... Oblivion

The Scarecrow

Fear is the glue that holds society together...

He is the master of fear, the lord of despair, Dr Jonathan Crane was obsessed with the crippling power of fear, he spent his whole life researching on this, eventually being expelled from the Gotham University for his extreme testing. From that moment on he decided to seek revenge against the professors of the university as the scarecrow, eventually he is stopped by Batman but he pops up on a recurring basis as a common villain in his rouges gallery.

Over the years Scarecrow has evolved and changed many different times, from his egocentric behavior in the animated series to a cold silent lunatic in season 4, become a psychopathic man driven only by his research in the Arkham series and finally his corrupt status as a psychologist in the Christopher Nolan trilogy, it's been fun and interesting watching him change for the different media. My fingers are crossed for the Scarecrow's return in the fourth Arkham game if it ever gets made.




One of the biggest things to scare me as a kid was Nemesis from RE3, i remember watching my brother play this game and seeing him die many times at the police department against him, then it was my turn, i was afraid enough of playing the game but when i came face to face with Nemesis i freaked out and died. When i came back to this game as an adult it still scared me but i was able to overcome it.

Nemesis is by far one of my favorite characters ever, that's why i my user name is The Nemesis while the x is for Mr X aka the tyrant from RE2.

Honorable Mentions

Mr X from RE2 and Tyrant


the urban myth of Bloody Mary (Scared the shit out of me, i had a fear of fucking mirrors for a long time after my friend said it three times in my room when i was young)

Jeepers Creepers (looking back at it, i can see how stupid it was but as a kid i found it scary so its worthy to get a mention)

Marilyn Manson - This is Halloween03:26

Marilyn Manson - This is Halloween


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