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After seeing the epicness choices Locke made over on his blog i decided to do my listing.

Encounter: Metal Gear Solid

Duel: Metal Gear Solid

Yell, Dead Cell!: Metal Gear Solid 2

The Encounter: Kingdom Hearts II

Vim and Vigor: Kingdom Hearts II

Organization XIII Theme: Kingdom Hearts II. Trying to learn this song on keyboard, it's not too hard but i just dont have the time to practice on it haha.

Hollow Bastion Theme: Kingdom Hearts. Notable mention goes to the combat theme from that game for that stage as well.

First Floor Mansion Theme: Resident Evil

More Rooms Theme: Resident Evil

Raccoon City Police Department main hall theme: Resident Evil 2

Save Room Theme: Resident Evil 2

Slog Chase Theme: Abe's Oddysee

Mortal Kombat 1 Select Screen Theme

Portal/Kahn's Arena: Mortal Kombat II

Street: Mortal Kombat 3/UMK3. It's actually a remix of the Courtyard theme from MK1.

Champion Lance/Red Theme: Pokemon Gold & Silver/Heart Gold & Soul Silver

Elite Four Theme: Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald

Emotionless Passion (Theme of Kazuya): Tekken 2

Jin's Theme: Tekken 3

Ogre's Theme: Street Fighter x Tekken

Battle Theme: Tenchu 2

Dread Duel: Tenchu 2

Boss Theme: Tenchu 3, Wrath of Heaven

Green Hill Zone: Sonic the Hedgehog

Scrap Brain Zone: Sonic the Hedgehog

Chemical Plant Zone: Sonic 2

Angel Island Zone, Act 1: Sonic 3

Ice Cap Zone, Act 1: Sonic 3

Hyrule Field: Ocarina of Time

Gerudo Valley: Ocarina of Time

Forest Temple: Ocarina of Time.

Stone Tower Temple: Majora's Mask

Mini Boss Theme: Majora's Mask. Most memorable thing about this theme is when Skull Kid starts fasting the moon's descent and you have to quickly play the Oath to Order

Song of Healing: Majora's Mask. It's so dark and depressing but it was written to heal the troubled souls of people, when you listen carefully to it you can feel their pain, all their suffering, then you begin to feel it all melt away.

Theme of Ghosh Rode: Azure Dreams. The biggest douche bag i have ever laid eyes on when i was a kid, to sum him up, in terms of appearances he looks like James from Pokemon, this guy and Maximillion Pegasus but with a way more douche bag personality.

Balrog Theme: Super Street Fighter 4

Halo Theme: Halo

Opening Theme: Spyro the Dragon

I'll add more later on, also im leaving out Final Fantasy tracks, i'll save that blog for another day

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