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Same as last blog but i included the bosses of Team Magma and Team Aqua
  • Tim Robbins as Magma Leader Maxie
  • Jason Statham as Aqua Leader Archie
  • Rachel McAdams as Roxanne
  • Taylor Kitsch as Brawly
  • Sean Connery as Leader Wattson
  • Marcy Rylan as Flannery
  • Greg Kinnear as Norman
  • Isla Fisher as Winona
  • Max Records as Tate (1 half of the Moss Deep Gym leader duo)
  • Ariel Winter as Liza (1 half of the Moss Deep gym leader duo)
  • Pierce Brosnan as Leader Juan
  • Barry Peppers as Sydney
  • Vanessa Hughs as Phoebe
  • Scarellet Johansson as Glacia
  • Sam Elliot as Drake
  • James Franco as Champion Wallace
  • Johnny Depp as Steven Stone

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