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It's an interesting one. You can find a book in Mysidia in Final Fantasy II which mentions that there was a Palamecian Emperor who locked his daughter away in a tower and boasted that his fortress was so impenetrable that no thief could ever get inside. He went as far as to say that if the fortress was penetrated, the man who did so could marry his daughter. One thief cheated and used a kite to fly to the roof where he was able to enter the tower. The Emperor was outraged and claimed the thief cheated, and ordered his arrest. But the thief stole the Emperor's daughter and escaped before he could be caught.
NPCs around the world also say that the only man who was ever able to break into Emperor Mateus's palace was the thief Paul, whom you meet in game. The theory claims that the daughter was Leila, who after being kidnapped, grew up amongst thieves and become one herself. There are only two things wrong with the theory. First of all the story you read in the book is never stated to be factual. It could very well just be a story. I've said this before about other theories but I'll say it again - game developers don't make vital plot points hard to find. Second of all, age difference. It makes it hard because there are no ages for any characters in FF2 but unless the Emperor had a daughter when he was a teenager, I don't think Leila is young enough to be his child.
That being said I really like the theory. It adds something to Leila's character in a game where all the protagonists are rather uninteresting. -- Emperor-PSPField Borghen LeonDK 05:41, November 15, 2013 (UTC)