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Final Fantasy 1

I'm going to say Final Fantasy XII. I'm not just saying this out of a personal bias, but it honestly has so much to do! It took me around 500 hours real life time to get to the point I am, and I'm only like 98% finished with it! The story itself seems somewhat bland at first, but it actually grows on you. It's a new style, less concerned with the characters and moreso with the countries and the world itself.  Primarch Dysley FFXIII - Sprite-Dysley 23:13, April 1, 2013 (UTC)

(Keep in mind, all my opinion and about the Main series): Final Fantasy II, definitely. FFI has nostalgia with it for most veteran players. FFXII isn't that ignored honestly, people mainly just don't like it because of Vaan, but you look in a some places and they'll reference to Balthier or Basch. Plus you can't forget the return of the Lucavi demons. While it is underrated, I wouldn't say it's the most underrated. FFIII wasn't that good, and actually doesn't deserve the love (once again because of nostalgia) it gets in my opinion...FFIV is good, and in my opinion deserves about the exact amount of praise it gets. FFV is underrated, but Gilgamesh makes it less underrated than some games in the series. FFVI, overrated but deserves alot of it. FFVII, very overrated, but deserves some of it. FFVIII while quite underrated, I have to say, the Junction system, while genius could've been handled much better, the story was dull in quite a few areas, and there was some bad writing in crucial areas...FFIX is underrated, but lately has been garnering much more popularity. FFX onward aren't exactly underrated in many ways, so I refuse to elaborate on those. For FFII, not many people played it and loved it, so nostalgia isn't a big part for FFII (same for the Zelda series and Majora's Mask, except there are more fans for Majora's Mask than there are for FFII), people didn't like the level grinding system to it, but people forget that the dungeon designs made it to where you didn't have to grind levels nearly as much as you think. Most dungeons are absolute mazes, which lead to increased monster encounters, and in turn more status increases (level ups). That's the biggest deal most people have with the game (again, in Majora's Mask people hated the Time mechanic to the game, although that's what made the game amazing in my opinion). All in all, FFII has an amazing story, as well as character cast and deserves much more love, this isn't me arguing for it as the best game in the series, as there are better ones in my opinion, for good reasons. But this is my reason for it being the most underrated. I know you didn't come here to read a novel, so I'll just end it now, haha.  Timelinesplitter Chaos 04:33, April 2, 2013 (UTC)

It used to be FFIX, but nowadays it's finally gotten the admiration it deserves. Final Fantasy VIII is both appreciated and unfairly bashed on in equal parts, but I wouldn't go as far as to say underrated; people just don't understand it (perfect opportunity for a Hipster Mateus meme). Overall I think the most underrated and also one of the most important Final Fantasy games is, honestly, Final Fantasy IV. It's truly an amazing game and one that is often overlooked in favour of VI. Honestly, how many times do you see FFIV on people's top FF lists and whatnot? It always takes a back seat to VI when it comes to pre-PS1 Final Fantasy. -- Emperor-PSPField Borghen LeonDK 05:03, April 2, 2013 (UTC)

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