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Zidan can use the:

Weapon   Power  Ability  Soul Blade
Dagger 	12 	Flee 	None
Mage Masher 	14 	Flee, Detect 	Silence
Mythril Dagger 	18 	Flee 	None
Butterfly Sword 	21 	What's That!?, Protect Girls 	Silence
The Ogre 	24 	Soul Blade 	Darkness
Gladius 	30 	Annoy, Lucky Seven 	Slow
Exploda 	31 	Sacrifice, Lucky Seven 	Trouble
Rune Tooth 	37 	Lucky Seven 	Poison
Zorlin Shape 	42 	Flee 	None
Angel Bless 	42 	Thievery 	Confuse
Sargatanas 	53 	Annoy 	Petrify
Masamune 	62 	Sacrifice 	Doom
Orichalcon 	71 	Detect 	None
The Tower 	86 	Lucky Seven, Thievery 	Mini
Ultima Weapon

Cat (meowhunt) 00:36, March 26, 2013 (UTC)

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