Hello, and welcome to Final Fantasy Answers. What question do you have today?

  • 1st.In Al Bhed camp,talk to the pilot select(Oasis)Is there
  • 2nd.Visit Besaid Beach .Cactuar is there
  • 3rd.Guadosalam.Enter the Chateu and go into the secret area where you had your last fights against the Syndicate.In one of the rooms you'll spot a funny chest.
  • 4th.Calm Lands-Bridge between Gagazet and Calm Lands screen.Two cactuars riding a chocobo.
  • 5th.Same as 4th.
  • 6th.N-most end of Thunder Plains-North,opposite of Cactuar stone.
  • 7th.Kilika forest.Go like this-N over the bridge then E.First tree you'll see bending over the water,press Circle.
  • 8th.Gagazet.If you have got Episode Complete then you will appear near the top,you need to dropdown,then go right to G-Prominence.If you haven't achieved Episode Complete you'll appear in the base,use teleport to go there.
  • 9th.Kilika in Dona's House.
  • 10th.Return to cactu's domain and deliver the 9th cactuar.Talk to 10th Cactus then address the cactus marked as red square in minimap and pick (We'll look for him)Prepare!!Fililost

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