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  1. Bikanel: talk to the man on reception-(I want to dig!), outside road talk-(We're sure),to Nhadala (upper right corner)-(I've got this letter...), talk to the hover pilot to start the mission.
  2. Djose: Highroad, keep going south to Mushroom ,-Mission: Two birds, one stone.
  3. Gagazet: talk to Kimahri twice, make your way up to the mountain to fayth scar 1. Mission: Spring into action, continue north cave's exit and enter fayth scar 2, continue right, climp up two ledges and drop down on the right, SAVE. Don't follow the girl instead continue climp up, at the peak go left slowly walk forward the floating rocks, hold circle, jump->White Cape Acc. Retrack, continue climping up, you'll see a natural hole of sorts with rock sticking out on another side- after the scene you got it.

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