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Yunalesca. That is all. Evrae, from final fantasy X, That monster doesn't have good denfence but boy does it have some of the most annoying attacks, Like posin breath that kills every one except Auron.

When I was young, I always found Materia Keeper and Demon Wall difficult to defeat in Final Fantasy VII.

In Final Fantasy VIII before I realised the Ultima to strength, Meltdown and Aura combo, I defeated Ultimecia first form and Griever summoning Bahamut and Pandemona every bloody turn and then had to use aura with nothing junctioned to strength which took FOREVER.

Twintania from Final Fantasy V, I would never have guessed that Odin worked on him.

I Hate Yunalesca

Kind of a cheap answer, But I don't think any storyline boss can beat Wiegraf in Riovanes Castle. I mean, you have less than 1% chance to beat him if you don't know what to expect. And then? Then there's Belias/Velius.


Ark from Final Fantasy IX, first time I fought it I didn't know that you couldn't use magic and I came into the fight with Vivi and Eiko, so I got massacred. Even after I knew the right party to bring in, I still find fighting without magic to be a pain in the ass. I also hated all of the Seymour battles after his first one in X.

Yunalesca in FFX, Belias in Tactics and Ghizamaluke in IX. Oh, I was forgetting Beatrix

Number 128 from Final Fantasy VI always gives me problems.

Definitely Yunalesca and Seymour's third form from FFX. Lord those battles were hard.

seymour 3rd form was insanely hard.the only way i mangeded to beat it was by spammimg aeon overdrives

The 4 stage end boss from FFVIII. First form was easy enough, but from then on it got ridiculously hard


Golbez from the ds version of ff 4 he was a total dick i never was able to beat him so i said screw it to the ds version and now i play the psp version.

I've found that Yunalesca and the Sanctuary Keeper (boss battle right before Yunalesca) were very difficult unless you had good levels and had immunity to beserk and zombie.

Seems like Final Fantasy X is where all the challenging bosses are from... I died multiple times versus Seymour at the top of that ronso mountain place... in the end i overdrived all my summons and sent them out 1 by 1.

Cerberus from FFIII DS was quite the annoyance. A boss that can get in three cheap physical attacks is just nasty. The tentacles in FF6 were also annoying if you don't have auto-hasted teammates (which on each occasion of me fighting them was the case). Seymour Flux in FFX, OH GOD SUCH A HARD FIGHT. Its zombie/full life combo are really annoying for first timers if they don't have all the bells and whistles of fully overdrived summons.

Considering my extensive background with RPG series such as Shin Megami Tensei, I have never really found any Boss in Final Fantasy (at least, in the main storyline) to be that challenging to beat at all. But if I had to choose from annoyance alone, I'd have to say that, considering the average gamer who is unaware or unprepared, playing the game for the first time, Jenova from Final Fantasy VII, Ark from Final Fantasy IX, and Evrae and Wendigo from Final Fantasy X could definitely ruin a newcomer's day.

Every boss on the DS version of FFIII if you're not prepared. It makes it even worse that you cannot free save, which fucking pissed me off.

The Cloud of Darkness pissed me off the most. Mostly because I thought the Dark Crystal bosses were optional so I didn't fight them...Once I knew that they were required, the fight with CoD went much more smoothly.

I fought the Dark Crystal Bosses because I knew that one of the Cloud of Darkness' tentacles have the Bad Breath ability, so I went ahead and got the ribbons as well as the Dark Crystals. But I still couldn't defeat her, so I gave up because I did not feel like going through the Crystal Tower, Fighting Xande, getting the Ribbons and defeating the Dark Crystal Bosses all over again since you can only save in the world map.

Defiently Seymour Flux. Its giving me so many problems right now, I ended up stopping for a bit to play another FF game.

Garland in FF1. We still havent beaten him. :/

Or on a more serious note, Gaffgarion at Golgorand Execution Site in FFT. That is the first truly mean fight of the game.

I agree with above, in FFT: War of the Lions, Gaffgarion and entire Riovanes Castle Siege event are the most difficult battles in that game, especially Belias.

For sheer ass-kickery, Scarmiglione, second fight in FF4. The first fight the special music comes in for. Ah, wait, a better one! FF4 on DS. The CPU. Its not often that the tactics you're told to use will get you immediatly killed. I cant count bahamut in FF4 DS, because its only hard if you played the earlier versions of the game.

there are so many ff bosses that have given me problems, even with a guide and youtube, some of the most annoying for me are envre and seymour from ff 10, I HATE YOU SEYMOUR, i swear the only way i was able to beat his third form had nothing to do with the game, i blasted bye,bye,bye by nsych and did what i did before then i finally beat him. although i dont think this is considered a boss but the non optional adaminchield in ff 13 is really annoying to me, i still havent beaten it yet erg

Trollud (and this guy is the third boss of the game!), Arbaroc (even though I enjoyed the battle, but I still hated it for it's difficulty!), Belphegor (A few reasons but enough to hate him for life: 1. He has 3-4 cubes that protect him from physical AND magical damage, 2. He and his cubes CHANGE THEIR ELEMENTAL PROPERTIES IF HIT BY A SPELL THAT DEALS DAMAGE TO THEIR CURRENT ELEMENTAL IMMUNITY, 3. YOU HAVE TO FIGHT THIS GUY TWICE (not immediately after you kill him the first time though), 4. After you put his health in the red zone HE CASTS CURE OR CURA TWICE PER TURN (and those Cure or Cura spells restore HIS HEALTH BY 100-200 HP and YOU CANNNOT KILL HIM BY USING ELEMENTAL WEAPONS) making him a pain in the ass throughout his fights, and finally 5. HE CAN PUT YOU TO SLEEP BY HITTING YOU WITH HIS TAIL! D:<) and last but not least Beezlebub (a few differences between him and Belphegor: 1. HE CAN PLAGUE YOUR PARTY WITH MANY NEGATIVE STATUS EFFECTS MAKING HIM FAR WORSE THAN THE MALBOROS (and I LIKE Malboros ): ), 2. If you don't kill this guy fast enough he will float in the air MAKING HIMSELF IMMUNE TO YOUR PHYSICAL ATTACK AND AFTER A FEW TURNS HAVE PASSED (and this happens if you DON'T give this guy enough damage to make him fall down which gives him additional damage) HE WILL USE A MOVE CALLED THE FALL OF ANGELS (I think that is what the attack was called) AND IT WILL DECIMATE YOUR PARTY, and finally 3. HE HAS NO KNOWN ELEMENTAL WEAKNESS!) from Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light (it is a good game but some of the bosses are ridicuously strong and/or annoyingly difficult , Examples are the bosses on this post!

Everything on Soul of Rebirth FFII is ridiculously stupid difficult unless you power leveled your temporary party members in the main game, or gave Ricard the Blood Weapon before he died. Otherwise, it will be weeks before you defeat Ultima Weapon or the Emperor of Heaven.

Yunalesca wasn't really a problem for me, I just kept someone zombie and used them to keep the other's alive, but Evrae and Seymour Flux... And the final battle in FF8 is ridiculous

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