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That's the only one thing ATB has been good for.-AzureKesil (talk) 00:41, November 23, 2013 (UTC)

from FFVII Diamond,Ruby,Emerald Weapon and Jenova∙DEATH from FFVIII BGH251F2,Ruby Dragon,Elnoyle,X-ATM092 and Griever from FFIX Yan,Black Waltz No.3,Nova Dragon,Silver Dragon and Ozma from FFX Evrae,Sanctuary Keeper,Nemesis and Yunalesca from FFXI Shadow Lord,Promathia,Provenance Watcher and Lady Lilith from FFXII The 5 Archadian Judges,Hell Wyrm,Yiazmat and Zodiark from FFXIII The 8 Undying,Long Gui,Cid Raines and Galenth Dysley from FFXIV Magitek Vanguard,Gaius Van Baelsar and Nael Van Darnus