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Not sure. Sephiroth is most loved. But I hate his guts anyway!

The problem is that its down to everyone. I didn't really hate any of them. I hated fighting Zeromus. But if i had to say then it would be seymour. he doesn't die no matter how much you hit him. Wait thats a good thing, revenge for being annoying. No the real reason is that it was just obvious from the beggining, the first second i saw seymour and i said he was evil . it was a bit annoying.

I want to think Vayne, but just like the previous poster, not sure.

Would you say Vayne because he never gets much attention despite being of a more recent game? I guess the poster wants to know which is "hated". Though, FF villains are, dare I say it thanks to KH, much like Disney villains in their likability. However, in terms of hated, the closest you would get is probably those who are otherwise ignored by most fans. So yeah, Vayne, Xande, Zemus, Dysley, etc.

^Do you realize that there were 10 FF games before KH came out?

It isn't sure and written in stone, but I'd love to vouch for Genesis and Hollander both. Worst villains ever.

Genesis. his cheesy poetry recitals is the only reason why i still haven't finished CC. it drives me insane

hes not the main villain but my GOD hes a douch: seymour guado, everytime i see him i just want to stab him i never liked hiim even playing as him im like "ah god i got to play the douch"

- For me, seymour. Never liked him, esp after that wedding scene with yuna... Then again, yuna became one of my few favs charactors in FFX to one of the most anoying one in FFX-2

Um. Yu-Yevon

Is "hate" really that bad for a villain? I mean, that's what they're there for. I really, really hated Kefka, for his creepy laugh, for the things he did, I hated him the entire game. Um, he's my third favorite villain, because I hate him so much. I hated Seymour, for everything, I was just annoyed whenever he appeared. WHY ISN'T HE IN DISSIDIA?? DAMN YOU SQENIX; I DON'T NEED SOME ANNOYING BLITZBALL-DAD; I WANT THE DEAD MAN WITH THE HAIR THAT DEFY'S GRAVITY!!! Sorry, had to do this. But I hated all the villains, Sephiroth for killing Aeris (yes, I liked Aeris, and I will never call her Aerith :P), Kuja for what he did to the black mages, Exdeath for sucking all those places in the void, the emperor for being such an asshole, and so on. I hated them, but love and hatred (is what drives me) are nearly the same, and I love them all now^^ (only exception: Queen Brahne). I think you might mean who is the most unimpressing/ annoying in the bad way of the term; possibly, from what I've heard, someone from the newer games, because in the older games, there isn't any villain that get's SO much hatred, at least from what I've heard.

Kuja and Ultimecia weren't exactly much fun. A mincy monkey and a spacequeen with her heart(s) set on time kompression! I also hated fighting Dysley and that seeing that stupid clockwork owl thing.

I hate Seymour the most!

If you want to talk about most ignored villain, definitely Garland from the original Final Fantasy. I mean, hell he leads the villains in the Dissidia series, on FFI becomes Chaos, god of discord, not to mention according to the story, not to mention, began the conflict of the gods by making a pact with Cid of the Lufaine. Wields a multiform weapon and you rarely hear about him at all, I, for one consider him the be incredibly badass.

Kuja is the most hated villian! Nobody loves him, he betrayed and killed the elephant-lady, he destroyed Alexandria, Lindbulm, Cleyra, and Burmecia. Also, he killed his own creator Garland so he could have all the power he ever wanted. He even lied to those of the black mages who were able to comprehend emotions, which gave then great depression. The only person who liked him was Zidane, but he only chose to comfort Kuja before he was going to die.

^The question isn't about ingame thingies, but about the opinions of the fans. And even if it would be about ingame, this wouldn't be true. In that case, Kefka would definitely win.

I'd say either Sephiroth or Kefka, because of their fans... Especially Seph

^Hey, stupid fanboys aren't a reason to dislike a character!


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