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Do not allow it to offend or cause problems, such as flame wars. These opinions are also not the official opinions of Final Fantasy Answers, which can be taken to be a neutral point of view. The most popular villain is most assuredly Sephiroth. All villains, however, have their ups and downs: Emperor Maetus has the most power at his command, while Exdeath, Cloud of Darkness, and Yu Yevon are the most connected with a spiritual essence. Garland is the most classical; Golbez is part alien; Kuja is a being created for the sole purpose of killing. Kefka achieved the most rampant destruction; Sephiroth was created to be the perfect warrior; Ultimecia can bend time itself; Vayne is granted the power of an esper. It is all a matter of opinion who is the "strongest" though, and what your definition of "strong" is.

Well Said.

I'm glad you people think that way.

I guess ill pick Kefka...

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