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She is a secret character in Final Fantasy VII and a recurring character in the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII. She is a ninja who wields long range shuriken and other similar weapons. Her stats are below average in most categories except dexterity. Her second name means "wear more clothes" and she is the daughter of the most powerful man in Wutai, an island nation that was at war with Shinra till shortly before Final Fantasy VII. She joins the party in the hope of stealing their materia and restoring Wutai to it's former glory, and if the party goes to Wutai, they have to complete a sidequest to get their materia back. She can be brought into the party by fighting her in any wooded area and then answering a series of questions correctly. There is also a special sidequest in which Yuffie can challenge the "Wutai Pagoda" in order to win the Leviathan materia and her ultimate limit break.