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Most people don't even know FFIX

>They're more well known, they hate FF9's art style, they think angst is sexy or something of the sort. Personally, Zidane's my favorite FF protagonist.

>Because people prefer the "badass" heros over the light hearted heros. For me, Zidane is the greatest hero not just of Final Fantasy, but of all storys in any form of media.

>I actually prefer Zidane over Cloud and Squall. His personality is quite endearing. I like his character growth and development in IX.

>Many "hardcore" and I say that term loosley hate IX and anything about it becuase it tried to be like the orginal not a space punk fantasy adventure.Personally IX is my favorite game while VII and VIII are possiably my least favorite because the heroes are so unrealtably but I can totally relate with Zidane.

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