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Sephiroth should totally beat the snot out of him. However because he is the main character and the main character always beats the villain......well that's why.

He isn't. He just caught Sephiroth off guard with Omnislash. Notice in Advent Children Sephiroth has increasingly more stamina then Cloud to the point the battle didn't wear Sephiroth down in the slightest. Without Omnislash, I'd say it's a pretty good bet Sephiroth would probably eventually overpower Cloud.

^In Ac, Sephiroth actually avoided omnislash, and was then beaten by a different veersion of it. Also, the first time Cloud beat Sephiroth, he caught him by suprise, after Zack had worn him out. Then, using anger as power, finished him off. I think the only reason Cloud keeps winning is due to help fighting or by suprise.

he isn't. it's final fantasy. nothing makes sense at all, and it's not supposed to make sense. i'd rather just tell you to stop asking questions and enjoy it, but since i'm here i'll just answer this like the guy above me: main characters ALWAYS beat the villain. ALWAYS. since when did this not occur? 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,,13?


If we're going to have a serious answer, try this:

Cloud has always had help to defeat Sephiroth, true enough, but his own self-doubt causes him to falter when Sephiroth does not. Sephiroth, however, is very good at keeping a mask up. It is likely Cloud caused him much more pain. He is always so intent on baiting Cloud, playing at his weaknesses, that he lets his guard down. The problem is, he underestimates Cloud's strength.

While it is true in AC that Cloud 'caught Sephiroth off-guard', he was also doing plenty of fighting before he took on Sephiroth, Sephiroth was essentially 'fresh'.

One must also take into account the fact that Sephiroth hasn't actually BEEN Sephiroth since he was flung into the Mako reactor. He did, and Jenova reconstructed his body and used it. So in reality, what you're seeing is Jenova fused with Sephiroth's mind when it was in a rather maddened state. Being that she is an alien from a far more advanced race (Canon storyline is she crashed on Gaia), her powers manifest via Sephiroth.. or what used to be Sephiroth.

Cloud also carries these cells, as well as Mako remaining in his system, boosting his strength as was done to SOLDIERS (wooo, Hojo is a jerk and locks people up to experiment on them). So essentially, Sephiroth is actually Jenova in a Sephiroth suit, Cloud is scientifically enhanced, and he has the power of his friends' support and love that help him defeat Sephiroth.

Further, I think that if he DID NOT have the restrictions of self-doubt, Cloud would stomp Sephiroth into the dirt.

Geez, walls of text again? It is so easy: Cloud is the hero of his game, and a hero needs to defeat the villain. Why bother with the whole self-doubt-strength-weakness-mother shit? Well, I don't have to participate in it, I guess. But I would like to see such a kind of discussion for, like R=U, Squall is dead or the Necron theory, but THOSE just get stomped into the ground on this board -.- Eh, whatever.

R=U is one of the longer discussions around here (though I think this one is longer).
My answer to the question is pretty simple. Fantasy = stuff that doesn't make any sense. Cloud beating Sephy doesn't make any sense (especially since he's almost a god by the end of the game). Cat: meowhunt 15:02, May 19, 2012 (UTC)

I'm surprised that there's so much conversation. Long story short, Cloud beat Sephiroth because it's a video game. Of course, if a mentally-disabled mercenary tried to defeat a towering God who has the ability to destroy planets with the slightest of ease in real life, he'd be pulverised out of existence. But that doesn't make for an exciting video game. MateusNamelink Dissicon ff2 Emp1 23:26, May 19, 2012 (UTC)

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